Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whale Watching - February 17th!

After having a productive work day I was definitely ready for a day of some fun in the sun and that we had! We took off in the van with about 10 others for the half hour drive out to the lagoon where we would board a couple of boats that would take us into the lagoon where we could spend a couple of hours watching the 2,000+ whales who come here to mate and bear their children. There were about 12 of us per boat and we took off with our Spanish speaking captain who knew the area well. On radios between the 3 boats our company had out there we were able to place ourselves in the area where the whales were.

Sometimes they were mating and we had to keep our distance, like in this video

And then other times they were all over the boat, one side, then another, then scratching their bodies on the hull - it was amazing how much time they spent with us! Here is a video of Bill petting the whale.

The whales come to you, you do not go to them - so this petting you see is their request from us. It was an experience I will remember forever, so if you have the opportunity - go!

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