Saturday, February 8, 2014

Connectivity update numero tres...

Quite disappointed that our WifiRanger Pro does not work with our Telcel Aircard. I was really hoping it would, but it may be the same issue that we had heard about with the Mifi device. I am a little tempted to cut down the sim card and try to put it in the Mifi device and see what happens, but I think we  may just get another aircard for Bill's computer and not worry about it. A bigger problem has occurred - Bill's computer now has no sound. He was trying to get Google Voice to work with the headset and mic I use and while trying to troubleshoot why the mic wasn't working he now has no audio output! This is NOT GOOD!! If anyone has any ideas please shoot them our way. He's pretty tech savvy, in fact while all of this was going on he was trying to work on someone else's computer that had been donated for charity. It has no video output and he had hooked it up to my external monitor for troubleshooting along with dealing with his own computer.

UPDATE - thanks to help from this and our Facebook post, Bill now has audio and the mic is working through the headset but not through his computer so some progress has been made. Really appreciate everyone's help!

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  1. On the audio ... You might try checking the Playback Devices ... (assuming Windows 7, but it's probably similar in other versions) Right click on the sound icon in the system tray, and select Playback Devices. It's possible that the headset left something other than the default device selected.