Monday, February 17, 2014

Ensenada to San Quintin

Thanks to Bob & Sini again for this pic and a few others
It's pronounced, San Kinteen - not like the prison! We arrived here on February 12th, my birthday! The weather was pretty chilly in Ensenada - about 70 degrees and I think we were all looking forward to traveling south to warmer climes. 

It was a beautiful drive through the wine country - we were still with the group, although we were down from 47 to 25 rigs, we were number three in a group of five. The leader of this group was in a truck camper and moved quite a bit faster than the rest of us, but we all managed just fine.

That's Sini and Bob in front of us..

Sini and Ziggy
At this point, we were getting a little tired of the planned group activities and wanted to do a whole lot of NOTHING! I cut up a pineapple and soaked it in a bit of our new Tequila liqueur, Sini whipped up some guac and we "plotzed" (as Sini always tells Ziggy to do!).

I had read about a good restaurant a few miles into town - Bob drove us in the Jimmy, the food was delicious and we had fun.


Happy Birthday to ME!

We stayed 2 nights here and this is where the official Escapees trip ended. There were about seven of us traveling further south. 

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  1. You guys are awesome. Big balls.. or as BW would say, "vagina"... I'm not sure we'd venture down into Mx with our home on wheels. Glad BeBe is moving right along. Thanks for the updates/photos. Cheers!! Miss you kids.