Monday, February 17, 2014

San Quintin to Cataviñia

This was our first drive "on our own," just the two of us and it was great...our own pace, stopping when we wanted and no useless chatter on the CB. By the way, the cb has been fun, especially handy when we don't have cell service.

We stopped at "Mamas's" place for lunch - this is an historic site on the Baja 1000 - Mama has been greeting off-roaders for years and Bob found out she is 107 and loves to be remembered, so if you stop in, be sure to say hi to Mama and sign the guest book!

This was actually pretty deep for Bebe and the water wasn't the worst of it - just past this you can barely make out one of several huge pot holes that sent us rockin' and a rollin'.

love birds celebrating valentine's day
Bill surprised me with a red rose and a box of chocolates - he's such a romantic and I love it!! And we were finally warm - you can see the difference in how we're dressed! I made some great potato/spinach/black bean nachos for dinner and we rested up for a big driving day in the morning. But before that we took a nice morning hike to see the magnificent landscaping.

More pics from Bob!

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