Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life in Tahoe....

is really pretty fabulous...the weather finally changed & summer is here! My little workamping job is pretty good although I am busy with my CPA work so my weeks are flying by. We hosted a few happy hours which were fun & plan to do some more. Our friend Gina, who Bill knew from work in the bay area & became my friend when we met her up here in Tahoe in 2008, moved back last week from Sacramento - sweeeeet! Things are odd at the brewery, our old hangout, as the brewer is thinking of shutting down, the weekly concerts are now more like once a month & we've been by for happy hour & found the place has changed for so many of us. Friday night there was a sweet concert with our friend Jen & Bob's band "Daughters in Arm" & a huge 4 band concert Saturday night that was pretty epic - fellow hashers Beav & LCL came to visit & we got to catch the last band. Our bike rides to the beach & hiking are still the best. We had great hopes to hare some hashes when we got here but obviously our priorities are not there since it's already been 8 weeks & there isn't one on the calendar yet!

We had a lot of fun on the Slow Rollers Poker Ride last month & got a few slides in on the condemned super slide!
 Socrates, Daniel's doggie has been enjoying our wagon in some comfort! 
I think this is how I would like to travel at Burning Man!!
   Finally got over to Sierra Hot Springs and our good friend Becca joined us for a wonderful afternoon - Bill made a 3 point shot from quite a distance without choking her! The weather was perfect, we brought goodies & Becca brought reinforcements, it was very hard to leave...

We've been lucky to have lots of visitors this summer & Angie (of NuRVer fame) came up & spent a few nights at the motel down the street. Boy do we miss her and Kev!!  My daughter, Lauryn, may actually get her butt up here to visit this summer too.  And speaking of son, Jake, got a great full-time job up here in Tahoe which may actually turn into something permanent. Bill's daughter, Madeleine is celebrating her 24th bday today & is graduating with a masters degree from Cambridge this month and son Will is hoping to graduate next spring, cross your fingers!

Bill just found out his office here in Tahoe will be closing at the end of August & they will lay him off & re-hire him through his new company as an independent contractor. This couldn't have worked out better for us & we may be really spreading our wings & traveling to Florida for the winter. Just spoke to fellow NuRVers Kev & Angie & they are thinking we should all party in the Keys & enjoy some bikini weather instead of our Burning Man fur coats in Quartzsite!

Speaking of Burning Man....our replacement camo netting came in & is fabulous, provides shade & a breeze! We've gone through our old costumes & pulled out some to donate, purchased some new fur for the bikes & the cornice boxes around the windows in Bebe, but I've got a few sewing projects I NEED to make time for! Our friends, Daniel & Jen gave us one of those Capice Shell Chandeliers that I think will make into a fabulous dress, & I need to sew all of the slipcovers out of the batik pieces I bought in Quartzsite. We've been reading about RV detailing, post Burning Man & trying to decide if we should tackle this ourselves or pay a bizillion dollars to a company to do it for us.... We'd also like to pull up our family room carpeting & replace it with the wood laminate we have in front of the kitchen. Hoping to do this in Denver while we're in CO visiting family and friends.  Our plans for camping at Burning Man have changed drastically...we are going for something new and different this year and instead of hanging with the new Hash Camp next to Leopard Martini Lounge we are going to camp with Camp Nomadia, a bunch of full-timing (& wanna-be) RVers. I think a better fit for us this year since we will be bringing our home, Bebe. The Hash Camp was becoming a little more structured experience than what we were looking for.

We have spent many days at our storage unit getting rid of more & more stuff...probably not too much of that left, maybe one more charity pick up. We will plan to stop there before and after Burning Man, then probably not again for quite some time.

And that wraps up another exciting blog!