Sunday, May 29, 2011

South Lake Tahoe & workamping initiation

 Sooo happy to be back in South Lake we drove into town my heart was full of joy, how I have missed this magical place! We had a whirlwind first week here with Bill's birthday celebration at the Mt. Tallac brewery and a couple of other friend's b-day celebrations as well.  The 2nd day here we had snow, which melted pretty quickly, but the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend it started early in the day & just kept on coming! We had planned to go to Sierra Hot Springs for a few nights over the holiday weekend but traipsing around nekkid in the mud & snow somehow just didn't appeal to us, so our good friend Becca (aka masseuse extraodinaire) drove up from Sacramento & we all hung out at our old house 
enjoying her "handy-work", the hot tub & Jen's yummy stir-fry. We ended the night with huge bowls of buttered popcorn, The Producers on the tube & a great dance-along!

Last night, as the snow was starting to accumulate, our good friend, Daniel (who now rents the home we used to here in Tahoe), showed up on our "doorstep" covered in snow & chilled to the bone. He had just ridden his motorcycle through the storm over Echo Summit. He disrobed in our "mud-room" which is the first step into Bebe & stood in front of our amazing heater for an hour! His girlfriend, Jen & doggie, Socs showed up a while later & an impromptu, totally Tahoe evening ensued!

Workamping 1A - being the anal person that I am, while in Tahoe a few weeks ago, I went to the campground & completed all of my paperwork so I would be ready to go when we got up here. After checking in last week I was told they had forgotten one form so after that was completed it would be 3-4 days before I could start training...ok, no biggee, just give me the 1/2 rate on my campsite rental, I don't care! 

Unfortunately though, it seems as if the manager who I've been dealing with up until now has not shared any of the details we have talked about with the asst manager who does all of the scheduling. The manager had told me I would have a "clerk" position, checking people in at the counter, 3 days a week -8 hr days. I wasn't too thrilled about this as I had told him I was an accountant & could really help them out in the office, but I was happy to help out wherever they needed me. I had also told him that I could only work Mon-Thurs as I wanted to have the same days off as Bill did. He said it wouldn't be a problem, unless it was an "all hands on deck" time, & that they would either schedule me Mon-Wed or Tues-Thurs. I guess once the asst mgr got a hold of my application she saw my skills & had altogether other ideas for me...which I found out yesterday. Now I have to wait until Wednesday afternoon to find out more...oy vey!  I am not so sure this is going to work out...stay posted!

Monday, May 23, 2011

the California foothills....

We love the foothills! Grass Valley really spoke to us and we have now been on the east side for a few weeks in Jackson & loving it here too. Not overwhelmed with the Jackson Rancheria campground...but it is convenient, clean, & they have free laundry & 2 hot tubs! Neither of our internet connections worked & the park's wifi was really awful the first 10 days we were here & really stressing us out but the last couple of days it's been great. The campground has a parking lot set up on a cement slab with a picnic table & full hook ups, including cable TV (which I haven't had in about 6 weeks)!  There is some nice spacing between the rigs BUT we have had a few issues with our neighbors...the "LOUD" family & people that leave their dogs tied up outside to bark at every passerby...I think this is the hardest thing about RVing...inconsiderate neighbors, but we always have the ability to move, so it's really not soooo bad! 

We worked a lot the first week we were here, and had to be in Tahoe for a few days, and Sacramento another day.  The main reason for our Tahoe visit was the Slow Rollers Bike Parade to kick off the Amgen Bike Tour starting in South Lake Tahoe.  We were lucky that the snow finally stopped & we had a sunny day. We met at the brewery to gussy up our bikes & hook up with friends - Gary, Steve, Robert, Carol, Richard, Matt, Daniel & Virginia. 

While in Sacramento we finally made it out to the Lockdown Brewery, which has become a Sacramento Hash favorite - we have been hearing & reading about this place for a long time & it was fun that our friend Matt was working behind the bar!.
Finally made it to Lockdown Brewery!

This last weekend Bill got to really experience his 3 day work week, with 4 real days off! We lounged at the pool on the first nice day we've had, went wine tasting in Plymouth, spent the day in Volcano & just took it easy. Loved wine tasting over's free, just like the good ol days in Napa & everything is super close, with friendly people & good wine! My favorite was our day in Volcano...a sleepy little town of about 100 residents. They boast two "hotels" which house 2 of the highlights we had read about - the Whiskey Flats Saloon & the Union Pub. We had drinks at the former & lunch at the latter...we also ended up back at the Pub later in the afternoon when we heard good music playing on the patio & enjoyed some fabulous tempura. The surprise was a little wine bar owned by a wine maker...we stopped by early in the afternoon & were told they were going to have a latin jazz band playing later. By the time we left the Pub the 2nd time, I was pretty tanked & ready to head home but Bill (aka eXceSs) shouted "I'm not done yet!" So off we went to the wine bar in search of more fun! We sauntered in to be met with music that was anything BUT latin jazz ...seems they didn't show up so one of the employees got together with another guy & the two of them, one on guitar & one on harmonica, were the entertainment! And they were pretty darn good...Bill ordered a beer & we sat down by the pot belly stove. We noticed a group gathering out in front on the patio so we went outside to hang out & met the friendliest folks - we sat down at one of the comfy seats & just hung out there with all the locals who were wandering by & stopping to chat. The owner brought me a full glass of his port, on the house, which was so delish I had to have another! We had such a great time, I can see us settling down in a place like this, somewhere down the road...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Interesting People...

I am quite curious about all of the campers I see around me. I wonder, constantly, what their stories are; if they are on vacation, if they are full-timing by choice or circumstance; this keeps me endlessly entertained but surprisingly empty of satisfaction.  I spend hours looking out my windows or sitting outside looking at RV's with their doors and windows all closed and wonder what is happening inside.  At the hash last night I was mentioning this to Poker, a Harriette (female hash  house harrier) I've spent little time with, but enjoy and she suggested that to quench my thirst for information I should start a blog on just that topic - people's stories, and use that blog to knock on doors and actually interview those that will allow me some insight into their lives. People do like to talk about themselves and are often flattered that someone else would actually be interested in them.  Then there are always those that are private and sometimes suspicious of ulterior motives.  My first thought was that I can hardly keep up with the one blog I am writing right here, but blogging has provided me with an unexpected outlet I enjoyed in my youth that I have neglected for 30 years - writing.  It's something to think about...