Friday, May 6, 2011

Interesting People...

I am quite curious about all of the campers I see around me. I wonder, constantly, what their stories are; if they are on vacation, if they are full-timing by choice or circumstance; this keeps me endlessly entertained but surprisingly empty of satisfaction.  I spend hours looking out my windows or sitting outside looking at RV's with their doors and windows all closed and wonder what is happening inside.  At the hash last night I was mentioning this to Poker, a Harriette (female hash  house harrier) I've spent little time with, but enjoy and she suggested that to quench my thirst for information I should start a blog on just that topic - people's stories, and use that blog to knock on doors and actually interview those that will allow me some insight into their lives. People do like to talk about themselves and are often flattered that someone else would actually be interested in them.  Then there are always those that are private and sometimes suspicious of ulterior motives.  My first thought was that I can hardly keep up with the one blog I am writing right here, but blogging has provided me with an unexpected outlet I enjoyed in my youth that I have neglected for 30 years - writing.  It's something to think about...

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  1. Hey I getcha! I'm a dedicated people-watcher and looove getting to know & hearing people's stories. But, that's alotta blogging, for sure :)