Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Last fall we spent a few weeks in the eastern part of Oregon, so this year I wanted to see more of the west side. We left stormy Crater Lake and slithered into 90 degree temps in Eugene - it didn't exactly feel like 90 but the warmth sure was welcome! Our hash friend, Batt, who was living in super cool Ashland last fall has now moved to, and fell in love with, Eugene. It's always fun to visit a city where you know someone - you get more of a local's view.

I spent our first day doing laundry at a very sub-par laundromat and Bill washed Bebe, who was very, very dirty. Our first brewery stop was Ninkasi, where they host a different food truck every day - we got lucky with Wednesday night being Sammitch night - with lots of vegan choices!
Bill got totally photo bombed by a bald spot!

My new knit hat from the Farmer's Market and I finally found a raincoat at REI, on sale and got to use my dividend too!!

Brewing Process

Thursday, September 19th was the full moon and Batt planned a moonlit hike up Mt. Pisgah with a couple of growlers from Falling Sky Brewing. A couple of others joined us along with Ramsey (Batt's dog). Batt supplied us with colorful lighting for our short, but steep climb up to a beautiful view of the city.
Definitely not the best pics I've ever taken!!

Friday night we met Batt after work with a bunch of hashers at Claim 52. A great little brewery in a warehouse with the requisite corn-hole game and really good beer. One of my favorite breweries as there were so many beers I liked and I love the little hole in the wall breweries where brewing takes precedence.

I think the highlight of our visit was the Saturday Farmer's Market - wow, the most amazing vegetables I have ever seen; each stand seemed as if it was more fabulous than the one before. Everything there is locally grown and produced, from the food to the clothing and crafts. There was a children's concert of xylophones - all different keys and it was fabulous! Here is a little taste...