Tuesday, December 2, 2014


ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT ANOOOUNCEMENT- my husband, Bill Kasson, is BAD ASS!! Last spring I found this amazing vegan jalapeno garlic spread called Majestic Garlic at Clark's Nutrition in Palm Desert and fell in love; deep, deep, everlasting kind of love. We bought about 6 of them and brought them up to Tahoe for the summer. All summer long we looked for it - wrote to the company, called stores, went to just about every Whole Foods...at one of them the clerk whispered that she had heard of it from people in the southern Ca stores, but that they didn't have it.

I tried to make it in our Vitamix and broke the sauce :(  On our travels down to Mexico this fall we stocked up and practiced freezing a few of them, which worked pretty good but we had limited space. Last week we finished the last tub and it was very sad and quiet when we each took our last bite of bagel dripping with sauce, spinach, tomato & salt & pepper. Bill mentioned that maybe he would try to make it, so I went right to the computer and found this site where there are video instructions to make TOOM.

On my way home from yoga yesterday I picked up a ton of fresh garlic (unfortunately we only have the purple variety down here which they talk about being a bit too strong for this). Today on my way home I picked up fresh baked bagels from Joe's Deli and then Bill, equipped only with a mini KitchenAid food processor went to town....and he brought home the big one folks! That sauce making class at LTCC paid off and of course, just his amazingness in the kitchen!!


There will be updates and improvements...adding some other flavors, but the basics are there and we are happy dripping in our oilicky, garlic stench. 
We may have to keep our distance from others today!!