Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st long voyage.......

We had a good night at Angel Lake RV Park in Wells NV and we were off for a long drive to Wyoming, stopped at Western Hills RV Park in Rawlins - this was a cute place that had a mini golf course - headed out to play about 5 min before the office closed and Mr. Bill always the boy scout had us bring our headlamps, playing backwards mini golf in the dark was a blast!  Tried for an early start to Golden, CO to see our friend Jake but that was just futile!  Got into Golden around 3:30 & promptly headed out with Jake to his favorite local brewery Golden City Brewery - great little place, boy if Jeff could fix up his place a teeny tiny bit like this he could really make some dough!  Stopped to pick up some beers & grub for a great BBQ.

Spent the night in front of Jake's house & this morning we will go out for a hike, try to get Bill's bike fixed as he forgot to let out some of the air out of the tires before we started climbing in altitude & the tube popped - plus he just wants to get it tuned up since his last crash!  Then we are off to CO Springs to see Bill's old academy friend Chuck - this is fun!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

On Out to Colorado Springs!

We are finally on the road! Took us awhile to get out of the house & then shopping trips to Costco, Sierra Trading Post & REI - gearing up for our Mt Whitney hike. Finally left Reno at 430. Arriving into Wells, NV around 830 to spend the night in an RV park that got pretty good reviews &$25.
Bill's doing great but can't wait for a cocktail!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have a move date!

Booked our movers for Monday, July 26th - so guess we will be living in BeBe in the driveway for a week!  AND found a good storage place that won't cost us an arm & a leg in Minden.  This morning we got the mirror repaired In Carson from our little sideswipe $500 later...and a few other minor repairs so she's set to go to CO on Saturday.  
Need to START packing!! Have to get rid of as much stuff as we can so we are not paying to store stuff we won't use down the road...I'm beat! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a few more chores......

Woke up at 4am AGAIN - so much to do, my mind is running, running, running...
finally got up at 5 and doctored up the fishing vest I bought Jake for Burning Man-it came out great and now Bill wants me to fix his up a little bit more, hah! Will make him a few hats to take to gift & then I am done with that!

Sold the roll top desk & nightstands yesterday - woo hoo!  That was a huge chore...have decided to sell our big kitchen table & 6 chairs and my bedroom TV & stand...have to cut down on the storage!  Speaking of storage I have got a mover coming over today to give me a bid on all the furniture & someone is coming by to pick up all of our books!  Moving slowly in the right direction!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trying to get things done!

Dental work - yuch!  I've been lucky & never had to deal with it but have these 3 old fillings the DDS keeps telling me that "some day" we should replace them and since we have dental insurance now and a dentist I thought it best to just go in and take care of it...........well, 2 they replaced and the 3rd needs a crown - OMG - a crown, now a really feel O*L*D!!  At least it will be porcelain and not gold...

Got up early and made Jake a pair of wild pj pants for Burning Man:
Aren't they foxy!  Just a few more things to make for him & then I can pack the sewing machine!  Speaking of packing...OY, gotta start!!

Went and picked up the Verizon MiFi today - we will see how that works on our trip to CO & decide if we want to keep it - we have 30 days and 5G's to check it up.  Yesterday we got our traveling/folding fire pit - it is soooooooooo cool!  Today I am expecting our really cool self-adhesive hooks to put up EVERYWHERE in the RV, can't have enough hooks!!

Have some work to catch up on & then to pack up BeBe for the trip! Tonight we are going on our first "training" hike for Mt. Whitney - should be fun...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday

Well I got the blog up today, that was a big accomplishment! 
Our first trip in BeBe was to bring her home from L.A the weekend of the 12th.  We were sooo lucky, on the shuttle ride down to the Reno airport we got a call confirming the sale of Lucy (our old '94 25' rv) woo hoo - good start!  We drove BeBe home through San Luis Obispo where we stopped at a Pub Crawl Hash & hung out on the beach a bit, the drive home from there was quite challenging through very windy rodes to get back onto I-5. Had an uneventful ride home until going over Echo Summit where we were sideswiped by a truck pulling a trailer trying to pass us and cracked our mirror. Bill tracked him down and we got all his info. Heard from our friends that this is something we should get used to and to keep the mirror part # handy - good to know!

Just got home last night from the BlueGrass Festival in Grass Valley. This time she was loaded up with all of our creature comforts, we had full hook-ups for 4 days, nice neighbors, amazing weather and a wonderfully relaxing couple of days, which was most needed right now.

Bill is swamped with work & I am swamped with numerous "to-do" lists...

New Blog!

Welcome!  I have no idea what I am doing...so bear with me...pics and info coming soon...