Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a few more chores......

Woke up at 4am AGAIN - so much to do, my mind is running, running, running...
finally got up at 5 and doctored up the fishing vest I bought Jake for Burning Man-it came out great and now Bill wants me to fix his up a little bit more, hah! Will make him a few hats to take to gift & then I am done with that!

Sold the roll top desk & nightstands yesterday - woo hoo!  That was a huge chore...have decided to sell our big kitchen table & 6 chairs and my bedroom TV & stand...have to cut down on the storage!  Speaking of storage I have got a mover coming over today to give me a bid on all the furniture & someone is coming by to pick up all of our books!  Moving slowly in the right direction!

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