Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st long voyage.......

We had a good night at Angel Lake RV Park in Wells NV and we were off for a long drive to Wyoming, stopped at Western Hills RV Park in Rawlins - this was a cute place that had a mini golf course - headed out to play about 5 min before the office closed and Mr. Bill always the boy scout had us bring our headlamps, playing backwards mini golf in the dark was a blast!  Tried for an early start to Golden, CO to see our friend Jake but that was just futile!  Got into Golden around 3:30 & promptly headed out with Jake to his favorite local brewery Golden City Brewery - great little place, boy if Jeff could fix up his place a teeny tiny bit like this he could really make some dough!  Stopped to pick up some beers & grub for a great BBQ.

Spent the night in front of Jake's house & this morning we will go out for a hike, try to get Bill's bike fixed as he forgot to let out some of the air out of the tires before we started climbing in altitude & the tube popped - plus he just wants to get it tuned up since his last crash!  Then we are off to CO Springs to see Bill's old academy friend Chuck - this is fun!!

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