Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Checking in.....

We had a fabulous time at Bill's family reunion in CO Springs...& an interesting time on the road. We stayed in a few campgrounds overnight on the way there, boon-docked in front of Jake & the Winters' homes, 4 nights in a fabulous campground in the Garden of the Gods & for our last stop in Elko, NV on the way home we parked in the Red Lion Casino parking lot - the best & one we actually made $$ on!! Called first & asked if it was ok & they told us where to park...we had 24 hr bathrooms, Starbucks open extra early, plenty of places to eat & I won $170!!!  Pretty cool, eh?!

It was so much fun seeing Doano & her brother Bob (patriarch & matriarch) with all of their family. Such a great group & we really connected with Bill's cousin Becky & her new husband Andy - they live in Aspen & we have a lot in common  -definitely have to pay them a visit in the future!

Since we got home I have been trying desperately to catch up on my work, I even got a new client upon my arrival! We climbed Freel Peak on Sunday - the highest mountain in the Tahoe Basin - I am still recovering...Sold my kitchen table on Craigslist in an hour!! Now have to clean out my fridge & get it up on the web...last garage sale is this Friday, the house is getting cleaned out of furniture but there is still way too much STUFF that needs to hit the road! Gotta get my tush in gear.........

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