Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Things are getting crazy around here!!  But my wonderful husband reminds us not to forget that we love each other....he is such a smart man!

FINALLY got BeBe back from her little check-up down in Carson, they had her for 5 days & basically said they couldn't fix 4 of the 5 things we brought her in for, blah, blah, blah...but nothing too important so I am going to LET IT GO!!  Traipsed her across town to get fitted for a BRA - yeah, I know, I don't even wear one but Mr. Bill INSISTS she needs one!  Picked out a pretty gray one which we will shlep down to Carson AGAIN on Saturday to pick up...think the sunshade for the front window came in today, too!

Swamped with work, wouldn't you know - nothing for months and now busy, busy, busy - but I won't complain cuz it will help pay my son's tuition!  The last tuition payment I HOPE, getting excited about that!

Getting a u-haul manana to take the sofas & a dresser down to my daughter in the bay area - the downstairs is looking pretty bare...but we do most of our living upstairs anyway, so it's all good.

Bill & I packed again last night, his job is to pack the electronics & all the pics - huge job but he is doing great!
On Out...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Final garage sale - check!

Well, the final garage sale is now behind us - we really had a fabulous time yesterday - Tahoe is such a cool place & every day we are gone I know I will miss it. We arranged for a charity pick up at 2pm & only had about 5 garbage bags of stuff left to give them - NOTHING went back in the garage, it was really awesome! Took a long soak in the jacuzzi with our friend Virginia & piled all of our food we aren't going to be able to eat or put in BeBe (4 boxes) over to the Brewery for our friends to pick through...they were overjoyed!

We are now down to the bare minimum - our bedroom & office furniture & the sofas & coffee table - the sofas are going to my daughter next week & the rest will go in storage, really not that much to store. We worked in the kitchen for 5 hours the other night & did a good job getting our storage items down to a small pile. I had a complete breakdown when faced with the realization that it was not practical to bring all of my baking & cake/cookie decorating stuff - I sold all of my frosting pastes in the garage sale as you just can't store that stuff.  We have a complete mess of our Burning Man/Hash stuff in the downstairs bedroom that I am going to have to deal with soon...

Today I will try to pack a little & then we will ride our bikes to the beach, tomorrow we will go hiking. I am a bit relieved that we had to cancel our Mt. Whitney trip as I have so much to do in the next 10 days and finding the training time for that kind of hike is difficult. 

I have moments of excitement and sadness, intermixed, but know that wherever I am with Bill will be home. It is incredibly liberating to be getting rid of STUFF & live a simpler life....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Checking in.....

We had a fabulous time at Bill's family reunion in CO Springs...& an interesting time on the road. We stayed in a few campgrounds overnight on the way there, boon-docked in front of Jake & the Winters' homes, 4 nights in a fabulous campground in the Garden of the Gods & for our last stop in Elko, NV on the way home we parked in the Red Lion Casino parking lot - the best & one we actually made $$ on!! Called first & asked if it was ok & they told us where to park...we had 24 hr bathrooms, Starbucks open extra early, plenty of places to eat & I won $170!!!  Pretty cool, eh?!

It was so much fun seeing Doano & her brother Bob (patriarch & matriarch) with all of their family. Such a great group & we really connected with Bill's cousin Becky & her new husband Andy - they live in Aspen & we have a lot in common  -definitely have to pay them a visit in the future!

Since we got home I have been trying desperately to catch up on my work, I even got a new client upon my arrival! We climbed Freel Peak on Sunday - the highest mountain in the Tahoe Basin - I am still recovering...Sold my kitchen table on Craigslist in an hour!! Now have to clean out my fridge & get it up on the web...last garage sale is this Friday, the house is getting cleaned out of furniture but there is still way too much STUFF that needs to hit the road! Gotta get my tush in gear.........