Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday

Well I got the blog up today, that was a big accomplishment! 
Our first trip in BeBe was to bring her home from L.A the weekend of the 12th.  We were sooo lucky, on the shuttle ride down to the Reno airport we got a call confirming the sale of Lucy (our old '94 25' rv) woo hoo - good start!  We drove BeBe home through San Luis Obispo where we stopped at a Pub Crawl Hash & hung out on the beach a bit, the drive home from there was quite challenging through very windy rodes to get back onto I-5. Had an uneventful ride home until going over Echo Summit where we were sideswiped by a truck pulling a trailer trying to pass us and cracked our mirror. Bill tracked him down and we got all his info. Heard from our friends that this is something we should get used to and to keep the mirror part # handy - good to know!

Just got home last night from the BlueGrass Festival in Grass Valley. This time she was loaded up with all of our creature comforts, we had full hook-ups for 4 days, nice neighbors, amazing weather and a wonderfully relaxing couple of days, which was most needed right now.

Bill is swamped with work & I am swamped with numerous "to-do" lists...

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