Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trying to get things done!

Dental work - yuch!  I've been lucky & never had to deal with it but have these 3 old fillings the DDS keeps telling me that "some day" we should replace them and since we have dental insurance now and a dentist I thought it best to just go in and take care of it...........well, 2 they replaced and the 3rd needs a crown - OMG - a crown, now a really feel O*L*D!!  At least it will be porcelain and not gold...

Got up early and made Jake a pair of wild pj pants for Burning Man:
Aren't they foxy!  Just a few more things to make for him & then I can pack the sewing machine!  Speaking of packing...OY, gotta start!!

Went and picked up the Verizon MiFi today - we will see how that works on our trip to CO & decide if we want to keep it - we have 30 days and 5G's to check it up.  Yesterday we got our traveling/folding fire pit - it is soooooooooo cool!  Today I am expecting our really cool self-adhesive hooks to put up EVERYWHERE in the RV, can't have enough hooks!!

Have some work to catch up on & then to pack up BeBe for the trip! Tonight we are going on our first "training" hike for Mt. Whitney - should be fun...

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