Thursday, February 6, 2014

We've arrived!

Wow - traveling for the first time to Baja with the Escapees is the way to go! I feel like I was delivered here in a baby cradle, and that's with driving on the "free" road, as the toll road was washed out with the tsunami. We were in group C - we called ourselves the Coyotes. There were 7 of us in our group and we were safely coddled as numero quatro! The main cb channel for all 49 of us was 8, which we used once we got within a mile of the resort, in the meantime the Coyotes used channel 34 and it worked fabulously. If someone didn't make it through a stop light or someone was trying to pass we all let each other know. Several times we found a place to pull over so we could all re-group together. The road was beautiful paved (even the free road) and although we traveled through the mountains a bit and on their very narrow roads, with no shoulder, we had no problem. Oh - I don't think I mentioned that when we left the border we had a police motorcycle escort us about 20 miles, to the first and second toll gates - felt like royalty!!  I know that once we leave the group on the 14th it will be a little different but I think Bill really feels comfortable now, which is the most important thing!
 Some pics on our drive into Ensenada
The port of Ensenada with a big cruise ship

Plaza of the Tres Cabezas (Three Heads)
Super Giant Flag!

As we drove into Ensenada we passed a Walmart, Home Depot, Office Depot and Costco! It definitely looks more like Mexico than the USA but weird to see these American stores.

Office Depot & Costco
Once we got to the Estero Beach Resort the parking group was already here with flags to waive us in and direct us - these guys have done this a time or two before!

So right now we're parked on Todos Santos bay at a pretty American looking resort with FHU - electric at 15amps. We are here for a week and then we go with the group to San Quintin (pronounced Queenteen) for 2 nights of boondocking on the beach of the Pacific. On the 14th we will leave the group with Sini and Bob, and whomever else we hook up with here as travel companions headed south.
Our perfect site # ;)

We are here on the left and Sini and Bob are directly across from us on the right

Tonight we will join the group for a Mexican Buffet, complete with Mariachis. It's our first time traveling with a tour like this and really not our bag, but the ease of crossing the border WITH NO INSPECTIONS is worth dealing with the whole group thing.

It's a little cool today and rain is in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, but I know it will warm up as we head south.

Here are a few pics from behind Bebe

Hasta Luego!
Debby y Guillermo

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