Friday, February 28, 2014

Guerrero Negro to Bahia Concepción

We left early with Bob and Sini in the lead for the 4-1/2 hour drive. 
We fueled up as we left town and were planning to stop half way for Bob to fuel up and a lunch stop. 

This is Bob in front of us. The billboard to the right advertises the Rice & Beans cafe and rv park, 
which I heard was a decent place to stay and eat, as well.

We had been on the hunt for dark leafy greens since entering the country, being warned to stock up as we wouldn't find much as we traveled south.  We stopped for lunch and gas and, Bill went into the mercado and scored big time with what looks like some kind of chard! Unfortunately, we were not so lucky with the gas, as they were out, but super happy we really didn't need it and with Bob's big tank he wasn't too worried either.

We ended up freezing this and using it in our smoothies because the first day we were at the beach a vendor came right to our rv with fresh picked baby spinach!!

A very curvy road, but as you can see, beautifully paved.

Santa Rosalia - pretty little town...maybe next time

Downtown Mulegé where we spent a lot of time getting connectivity, dineros and doing laundry

First glimpse of Bahia Concepción

And here we are....paradise....


  1. Looks relaxing. Nice photos. Please say "Hi" to Bob and Sini from Mike and Donna.

  2. Bahia Concepción......please tell Zulema that we say hello. Best Margarita's in the Baja!!!

  3. It's rainy here today so that looks especially inviting!