Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cataviñia to Guerrero Negro

This was a beautiful drive - quite enjoyable for drivers Bill and Bob, as we had not only great paved roads, but a bit of shoulder, as well, for part of the drive. We were lucky to have Bob & Sini behind us who shot some great pics!

Definitely a gringo, and a gray-haired one at that! You can see the nice shoulder we have here.

Crossing the border into Baja California Sur, we changed to mountain time and had to give up any citrus or potatoes to combat the spread of farm diseases and for 20 pesos they fumigate your wheels. We had known about this beforehand so I partially cooked the potatoes we had and stuck them in the fridge.

The view from the front of Sini and Bob's rig - off to a lovely dinner here at
Malarrimo RV Park, Motel, Restaurant and Tours

This was Sini and Bob's fish platter - a lot of food for Mexican pesos!
We weren't able to book a tour to see the whales the next day because they were already full so we decided to extend an extra night and go on Monday. I was actually grateful for the extra day because the wifi is super here. I've been having trouble sleeping (as usual)  so I woke up super early and got on the internet before anyone was up and updated our blog, which can be a pain uploading pictures with slow internet. After a couple of hours I finally hunkered down and got a full days work in. Bill went with Sini and Bob to drive the Jimmy over washboard roads out to the salt flats. 

The coastal lagoon here produces the majority of salt for the world - especially commercial salt, but they produce table salt as well - check out the name of this ship.
De Sal

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