Saturday, June 30, 2012

shopping and maintenance day....

Had a busy day going to Home Depot, Target, haircut, and a salon stop for - well, maybe you don't need to know that! We finally purchased the vent covers I have been coveting for the last two years and I think just in the nick of time. With all of the summer storms in the east and mid-west it's nice to be able to leave our vents open without the threat of rain coming  in through them. The guy at the RV store said that it would only take Bill 10 minutes to put them on, ha ha, why do they always say that?! Bill knew from prior experience that the first one would probably take 3 times that long and maybe the second one would be closer to the 10 minutes. We also finally exchanged the tool belt I had bought Bill for father's day to a lighter weight one with more pockets, so he suited up and off he went up to the roof.

Notice the special beer pocket!
Mission accomplished and we were off to check out a cool spot for drinks and music I found in downtown Bangor - the Nocturnem Draft Haus.This place appealed to us on so many levels. First was their approach to martinis, then their beer selection, but most of all their philosophy "...we hope that you will find comfort in the simpler side of things." I mean, that's what we're all about - every day, striving to live our lives more simply. The place did not disappoint and we had fun listening to some sweet jazz and tasting some new beers and a locally made vodka.

Today we are off to the White Mountains of New Hampshire - it's a rough ride on a small highway full of pot holes and unlevel, narrow roads...Bebe is taking a beating and our auxiliary brake on the Subie went out almost as soon as we began our journey. We need to win the lottery to replace that thing!!

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