Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goat Island Light Station

We met some wonderful people while wintering in Cedar Key hanging out at the Tiki Bar and Scott and Karen were two of them! They have homes both in Cedar Key and in Kennebunkport, Maine and for the last twenty years they have been the caretakers for the Goat Island Light Station. We talked about visiting them on our travels and they said "come on up"! At the time we hadn't really discussed our route north and then west for the summer but I had never been to Maine and this was a perfect opportunity. These last two years of travel seem to be more about going to visit people than anything else and that's maybe because it's just who we are! 

Kennebunkport is a very small town of just a couple thousand people, but so quaint and "New Englandish" - it's just how I imagined it would be. We got a very late start out of Cape Cod due to a plumbing hose "malfunction" (let's just say "YUCH") and we weren't too sure that, timing-wise, our visit would work, but Scott and Karen had measured their driveway and encouraged us to come, so off we went. We fit in their driveway without an inch to spare and with no room for our push outs but that was not a problem. We quickly took off in the low-tide to boat over to the lighthouse with pooches Lauren and Folly. It was a beautiful day and just a short ride over from their home.

Last year they rebuilt a covered walkway between the house and the light station, which was washed away in the Blizzard of '78, the bell tower and a fuel house building were also reconstructed. This year they are busy renovating the keeper's house to it's 1950' glory. It was fun to see it in person as we had just visited the website and seen the live webcam. Scott and Karen were getting ready to move back into the keeper's house next week and  had a lot to do amidst all of the restoration.

The tide was moving out quickly so Karen ran down with the dogs to paddle the boat over to a deeper area.

Scott showed us the town of Kennebunkport while Karen took Folly to dog-training. We saw President George H.W. Bush's home, a couple of the other little island communities and the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust building. Within a block of their home are two restaurants and a little market with a great meat counter where we picked up something for dinner and slept in Bebe with the slides in - first time we've done that since the day we brought her home!
Thanks again, Scott and Karen for being such gracious hosts and can't wait to share our summer stories with each other at the Tiki Bar next winter!

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