Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cape Cod

as you come off the bridge onto the island you are greeted by this lovely landscaped sign

Bill’s mother’s family name is Doane and when we all found each other on Facebook a few years ago we had a Doane Family Reunion in Colorado Springs, where the majority of the family live. Someone mentioned at the time (we think it was Janice Doane) that there was a rock in New England named in honor of the family, when the first settlers came over sometime after the Pilgrims landed. Luckily Bill has a great memory and when we were in Rhode Island he mentioned that he thought the rock was in Cape Cod just a few hours away and we should go try to find it. So we bid a fond farewell to Cheddar Yeti and off we went in search of Doane Rock! But first we needed to find some Lobstah!

We found a great little campground in Eastham, a few miles from the tip of Cape Cod, which backed up to the bike trail. One thing we were super impressed with were the bike trails on Cape Cod – wow - beautiful, wide, paved, 2 lane trails that go all over the island. We discovered Arnold’s – a great little spot right next door to our campground and ate their twice – I had an amaaaazing lobster roll just loaded with big chunks of fresh lobster and Bill had the whole lobster, another night I had the lobster bisque (YUM!) and fresh oysters that they shucked right in front of you at the oyster bar and Bill had the salmon special. Everything was delish!

At the rv park I got a map of the area and started looking at our options of what to do and where the bike trail went and low and behold look what I found!

The weather was pretty cold while we were there, but one day the sun came out and off we went to find our rock!

Doane Rock, also called Enos Rock, is 45' long, stands 18' high & extends below the ground an estimated 12'
Site of the Doane Family Homestead c. 1644

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