Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rhode Island Friends....

Rhode Island is probably one of those states we would have flown by had we not known anyone there. My fondest thoughts about the state take me back to grammar school and my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Moberg, who hailed from there. This teacher was one of the good ones! She took a personal interest in her students and even  hosted an end of year swimming party for our class. Can you even imagine that happening nowadays with all of the issues just screaming at you!! She was very interested in the Jewish religion and came over for a Shabbat Dinner one evening and went to Temple with us. I, in turn, came to church with her one Sunday as I was always interested in other religions - I still am fascinated by them. And my mom just informed me that my paternal grandfather was from there too. But still, had our friends Jeanette & Dennis from Cheddar Yeti fame, not been there we would have passed it by! Dennis comes from a huge family who have lived in Jamestown, Rhode Island for generations. They were spending the summer there and if you ever have a chance to visit you will know exactly why. We first went to Narragansett and stayed a few nights at the Fisherman's Memorial Campground. Nomadic friends, Bob and Sini, who we first met at Slab City, were following in our wake, and joined us there for a few nights.
Fisherman's Memorial - Narragansett, RI

 It was a beautiful campground and close to everything in town. We were planning to do some bike riding with Jeanette and Dennis and I have been dealing with some gear & brake issues lately so Dennis recommended a good bike shop, and she's now purring like the sweet little kitty she is! But first we were off to Newport for a local's tour. We had fun pub crawling through the town, oohing & awing over all of the yachts, and window shopping. Dennis drove us out to see the Breakers & the Cliff Walk which we did not have time to tour.  Must go back!

Jeanette, Bill, Dennis, Sini and Bob

Fort Getty - Jamestown, RI
Jeanette at the Jamestown Harbor

On Friday we moved to Jamestown to stay at the Fort Getty campground – another fabulous spot a mile from town. Dennis and Jeanette came over and we jumped on our bikes and toured the town, stopping for some libations along the way. We got to meet Dennis’ dad – the first real New England accent I had heard! They have a great home with a sweet little spot for the Yeti to park.
Friday night we were “doing the town” and went for a great meal and to a local bar for some drinking, dancing and pool playing – had an awesome time and met some more of the family. There is absolutely nothing like having a local show you their town – thanks guys!!

More pics from Sini and Bob:
a great sign I found on the street - would have loved to have this in Bebe!

the snowman was live & jumped out to startle Dennis

very cool bar table that you can peddle down the street

we had such a great time!!


  1. Love it! So glad you came to little Rhode Island to see how beautiful it is! Funny how you have history here, too! Oh, you and Dennis could be related?? ;)

  2. Hi Debby and Bill, I've been reading your blog and it's great. I envy you. Now that you know I'm here in Rhode Island, please look me up the next time you're here or anywhere near RI. I go to Newport a couple times a week caring for my former mother in law who's 90, and I frequent all the shore spots in the summer fishing, diving and kayaking. Summers are short here but it's a nice area of the country. And if you're into winter sports it's an all around fun place. The older I get the less tolerant I am of the cold though. I'm not really comfortable living very far from an ocean so this is nice for me. The 'Ocean State' reminds me at times of Yokohama Harbor back in the day. You guys should plan a trip to Japan you would really enjoy it I think. Well, thanks sharing your great adventures.

    50 Years? Nah....Take care Michael