Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All caught up....

...and it only took 2 years! Wow, is all I can say...I am happy to be writing this from Acadia National Park where we've been for about a week. Our friend's Sini and Bob left today and we leave tomorrow to start our trek west. We had a great time with them and were introduced to the fun of Wii Games which was an excellent way to pass the rainy evenings here. We love Maine! Unfortunately the weather didn't quite cooperate with all of the hikes we had planned and we have been deluged by rain and thunderstorms, but we got in a few little ones and I guess we have something to come back for!

Bob and Sini found Cap'n Nemo's, a great little bar/restaurant close by the campground, and gave us a call to come meet them after a motorcycle sightseeing trip the other day. What a great find! They had quite a few local brews on tap and I had my latest fav - a dark & stormy. Bob, aka Cap'n Nemo, started up a great campfire and we all ordered the smoked baby back ribs, the house favorite, and were they ever good - fall off the bone yumminess! We came back the next afternoon - another rainy day and hung out playing pool and drinking my local favorite the Drop Dead Red Ale from Black Bear Brewery. Seems Cap'n Nemo travels to Alaska often and there was a fateful trip, in the 80's I believe, with his wife and  5 kids when his RV crashed on a bridge in Seattle (right where Sini and Bob live) and was hanging off the bridge - he was stuck in Seattle for 11 weeks camping under the bridge while fixing his rig! The place is totally funky, with locals kid's drawings decorating the walls and Cap'n Nemo's own murals he's painted all over the place. Locals abound and I can't wait to go back!!

Last night we went to our first "Lobster Pound" - lobster pounds are all over Maine and we had quite the discussions as to why we thought they were called lobster "pounds" and it turns out we were all wrong and lobster pound, in Maine, is just another term for lobster shack. But you do order the lobsters by the pound and after eating Lobster in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and now Maine, Bill and I both agree that Maine lobster is the tastiest, by far! Sini and I were even able to order soft shell lobster, which were a bit smaller, sweeter and oh so easy to crack.

Bill is outside starting our last campfire here, burning our shredding and getting things set up to leave. Seems a neighbor who just pulled in has a dead generator and house battery - Bill was happy to come to his aid with his beloved battery charger. He brought several extension cords and with the help of another neighbor they had enough to hook up to the bathroom electricity to get him charged. That battery charger has to be one of the best purchases we have made! Picked it up at Walmart for a song and on those long drives when our auxiliary brake is plugged into the car battery and our car won't start when we get to our destination, yes, that is when we love it most. There have even been times when we started Bebe's generator to power the battery charger just to get the Subie into a safe place. And it's ever so nice to be able to help another person out when you can.

We leave in the morning for a short drive to spend two nights with full hook-ups - after 8 days of boondocking we need to recharge Bebe's batteries for the next week when we'll be boondocking again in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Oh - if any of you have a Wii console you're not using we would love to have it!!

My Wii mini-me!

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