Wednesday, July 18, 2012

White Mountains of New Hampshire

We had an uneventful, but beautiful, drive to the White Mountains where we had gotten lucky and reserved a campsite at the Dolly Copp campground. This is the biggest campground in the national park and the campsites are pretty open - we got a huge, very unlevel spot and settled in. Within an hour of our arrival we received a text from Sini and Bob that they were on there way and would be there soon. We had no idea they were headed our way as they were going all the way to the most north-eastern point of Maine when they last left us - boy were they making tracks!!

check out just how level we are NOT!

They got a "walk-in" (no rezzie) site right across from us and we started setting up for a campfire. When we pulled up we found out the fireman camped next door to us with his wife and 2 young boys was at the ER after having a little accident chopping wood - OUCH!

We found out the mountain shadowing us had a nice trail straight up  and we planned it for the next day. Weather just wasn't cooperating for a big hike up Mt. Washington so we settled for Imp Mountain. We packed our lunches and off we went.

 A rugged trail that started with a teaser that made it look easy but the trail map told another story.  Before long we were climbing up boulders and then poof, when we got to the top we were standing on top of the Imp's head - the Imp is a cliff about 1500 ft straight down and we could see forever -a  great view of our campsite, Mt. Washington with all the other presidential mountains.

A perfect place to stop for lunch.
The hike down was supposed to be a "stroll" - but the trail was all boulders and we had to hop from rock to rock for 4 miles and then the last mile the skies opened up and dumped but luckily we were in a heavily wooded area and the trickle that came through actually felt great!

our campground


sweet lunch stop!

We've camped at quite a few parks lately where we were very unlevel and may have overextended our jacks. When we got ready to leave the campsite we had a bit of an issue pulling up our jacks and found out later we had a bigger issue!

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