Friday, July 20, 2012

Back in Pittsfield, MA!

What can we say - we love Van and Peggy and they have an awesome large, level spot for us to park in! We left the Whites thinking we would drive over to Vermont and hit up the Ben & Jerry's for a tour and some tasting but we both were just ready to start heading towards the FingerLakes, our next stop, and then to Buffalo to see Bill's high school friend, Eddie Simpson and his cousin, Katie.

As I've mentioned before we have been trying to keep the driving hours short but Bill was on a roll and after looking at the map noticed that Pittsfield wasn't too much of a stretch for us and just a mite better than overnighting in a Walmart parking lot! We gave Van a call and they were just heading into a movie and it looked like we would arrive in time to meet them all for dinner afterwards.

Dinner al fresco with Van, Peggy and their son Elliott

Since we left the White Mountains our leveling system was constantly beeping at us with error messages so we knew we were going to have some issues once we stopped and that we did. We went to put down our jacks and the rear right jack just dropped - ok NOW we had a real problem! Bill was able to get some rope and tie it up but we really didn't want to drive too far like that. We had planned on leaving the next day to go for two nights to another nudist campground...but it was the 4th of July and we didn't want to get stuck anywhere, so we were happy to spend another night with good friends and deal with it all LATER!

We ended up at a local rv repair place the next morning and while they were removing the offending jack and trying to do some troubleshooting we went to see if we could find more of that yummy rye bread we purchased the last time we were in the area. The bread store is only open on Fridays and Saturdays but we drove by and saw that there were people working inside and made a phone call to see if we could pick up a few loaves - lucky for us we were able to get one big one and that'll just have to hold us awhile!

Our last loaf of corned rye bread for awhile :(

Eventually we were on our way - ending up at a Camping World to spend the night, half-way to Buffalo. Now that was a different experience! We have spent the night in Walmart, Cracker Barrel and a few other parking lots, but never in a Camping World and I must say we have been missing out on the party! I believe the majority of people who park there are waiting to be serviced, so unlike us, everyone we spoke to all had some gripe and were a bit frustrated about the wait time to get their rigs repaired.

Dining al fresco, curbside!

There were two gazillion dollar rigs there with BBQ's built into their slide-outs, towing beautiful matched trailers with 2 Porsches a piece! Overheard that they race them...two aging guys and one trophy wife, don't even aks! We became friendly with another couple who had been there a few days and gave us the low down, spent the evening sharing road stories and drinking wine - a fabulous way to boondock in a parking lot!

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