Thursday, July 26, 2012

48 Hour Cleanse

Ok - my weight is OOC (out of control) and I just have to do SOMETHING to kick-start my system. I am really not into any kind of fad or extreme diets but the Doctor Oz 48 Hour Cleanse looked reasonable, wasn't any kind of starvation thing, and for 2 days I could do just about anything. I mentioned it to Mr. Bill and he was a go!

There is a shopping list and recipes on the website - the shopping list is extensive and most of the items I did not have in the house, sad to say, so it cost a pretty penny to get everything. I did spend a little bit of time looking at the recipes to make sure I needed all of the items and if I should double the ingredients for two people - luckily I did not do the latter because it seems we have just the right amount.I bought as many of the non-perishable items as I could while we were in Buffalo: A- because I had access to a health food store and B- because I had absolutely no idea when were going to attempt this

pic from the website below

When we left Buffalo we were going to the hash weekend, so no way were we going to do it there, then we decided to stay for the Sirius Rising Festival - again, a big NO...after that we were going to go to the Fleetwood Factory for service in Indiana and parking in their lot the weekend before with no access to a nice bathroom or a dump, if we needed it, AND we were going to meet a friend for drinks and pizza. OMG - just finding two days to do this was becoming stressful! We have one more day getting serviced and then we are going to leave on Wednesday to see my friend Lonna, who I met in Cedar Key, and then go further north to visit Bill's son, Will in Roscommon, MI. I went on Monday to Fort Wayne, IN to shop for the fresh produce so we now have it in the house and have to do this! No time like the present....we decided to start today while parked in a bay in the factory service center and do our 2nd day while on the road to Lonna's. I explained to Lonna that we wouldn't be able to eat or drink with her Wednesday but we were going to stay an extra day there and hopefully not be as crabby as I suspect we'll be by tomorrow afternoon! She was cool with it as she does cleanses all the time.

This morning the first thing Bill had to deal with was the "no coffee" factor. That is a huge part of his morning, but he took it in stride - even when he had to go sit in the Fleetwood office working on the warranty issues of our service and repairs, where the strong smell of coffee permeated the room. I am not really a coffee drinker so that wasn't a big deal for me. I made the quinoa and prunes dish which took a super long time to make. I doubled the recipe and ended up with quite a bit, but I found out that I can store it and reheat for tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, as was Bill. I have always wanted to try quinoa and know that it can be used in many different ways so already this cleanse was taking me in a positive direction. I can actually see me making this for breakfast in the future, well, maybe - it was a lot of work!

There is a juice blend that you make and a smoothie for lunch - they have both been delicious and for a snack I cut up cucumber, string beans and celery tossed in a olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper dressing. We can drink the juice blend and vegies all through the day.

Around 4:30 Bill was having a little meltdown and exclaimed "why are you starving me?!" He also commented that he was a bit lethargic - I am sure part of this was the no coffee thing. I made the cabbage soup which was ok, not as good as the Weight Watchers cabbage soup, but I could get it down. You were also supposed to eat some warmed up naturally fermented sauerkraut, and cut up apples - Bill ate that, I just had the warmed up apples. We went for a walk down to the local RedBox to get a movie and when we came back the house WREAKED of cabbage and sauerkraut - YUCH!  We watched the Sherlock Holmes movie which was a great idea to take our minds off of FOOD. Surprisingly I really wasn't too hungry until late that evening but by then it was time to go to sleep. Once we got to sleep we both had a good night, maybe even better than normal.

The next day was moving day - leaving the Fleetwood Factory Service Center and heading to Michigan. Wasn't famished when we woke up and we had the quinoa and prunes again for breakfast. Everything seemed normal with my digestive system. I was peeing a lot but not particularly hydrated so I need to concentrate on drinking more water today. I lost a little over a pound and Bill lost about 1/2 a pound.

I made the kale/cucumber/pineapple smoothie for a snack - way too thick but once we watered it down with  melted ice cubes it was drinkable. I waited too long to drink it and don't think I ate enough of the cereal this morning because I kind of bonked about 1:30 - splitting headache and hard to function. By this time we had been on the road a few hours and Bill was doing great. I pulled out the vegies for our snack and at 3pm he was still going strong and hadn't wanted to stop yet for our lunch smoothie.

Well we made it through the rest of the day and evening without a problem. I think the soup actually tasted better the second day, as most soups do. This morning we both had lost 2 lbs and I am feeling great and focused on eating better.

Click here for the link to the website that helps you save while shopping for this cleanse.


  1. Great job! The first few days are the worst, but once things like sugar or coffee work their way out of your system it gets easier. I've found lots of healthy and simple recipes lately on Pinterest, even some with quinoa which I am also looking forward to trying for the first time. Keep it up!

    Oh, and congrats on year two!

  2. GlassAss and I miss you guys so much! It was great to meet you and hang out at Brushwood. I never did get your phone number. My phone was off when you called it and therefore did not register the missed call. I have some pics to send you. send me a text and I will text you back.

    If you come to PA, hit us up!!!!