Friday, July 20, 2012

FingerLakes, New York

Well, well, we are two weeks AFTER we were at the Finger Lakes that I am now blogging about - guess I'm just not meant to be posting on a timely basis, sigh...

One of the questions we get asked and even ask ourselves is, how do we decide where to go next! Most of our travels this year revolve around visiting friends and family all over the country and of course all of our travel is weather driven. But that is not to say that we don't look at the map and say, oh I've always wanted to go HERE! And that's how we ended up in the Finger Lakes. Bill had gone to high school for a few years in Buffalo and had remembered hearing that the Finger Lakes was a cool spot to visit and it just happened to be on our way to Buffalo. I knew absolutely nothing about the Finger Lakes but did find us a nice campground at the Keuka Lake State Park - no hook ups but at least the spot was fairly level and without jacks that was what we needed!

While checking in I noticed an overabundance of brochures on wine and beer tasting and found out that there were over 100 wineries and over a dozen breweries in the area! How cool for us!! We got in early, packed a lunch and headed directly down to the beach. We both love to hang out at the beach and just veg and this was the place to do just that!

We spent the next day wine and beer tasting...nothing too spectacular in the way of either wine or beer, but being from California with Napa Valley moments away, we are a bit jaded...but it was a nice day driving around the lake and seeing the area.

The first winery we stopped at was Bully Hill. Now I had read a bunch of very mixed reviews on this winery and I was really going for lunch at the restaurant and should have just kept it at that! After a fairly decent lunch we headed over to do some wine tasting. They bring you in as a large group of 20+ people and you stand at this very large oval bar. They pick 5 wines for you to taste, as a group, and the facilitator has a mic and a shpiel....the wine was incredibly sweet and after a small sip of each I dumped every can pass on this one! Souvenir glasses, which were included in the price, were given away to some nearby campers - we did warn them that they shouldn't let people think they like this place!

Not wanting to travel too far we decided to drive to the local town of Penn Yang for the evening. I am really big into YELP! and use it often - it's such a great vehicle to navigate the best restaurants, bars, hair salons etc and Lloyd's got a decent review, so off we went. One of the comments about Lloyds was that it was a "local's" spot but they welcomed visitors and boy, they couldn't have been more dead on! This was a great little bar and the owner happened to be trying to pick up on the chica sitting next to me and it just went up from there!  He stocked some good bottled beer and was impressed with our choices, he bought us all tequila shots and gifted me a great little tee!

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