Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Los Barriles - 2nd week

Well SeƱor Montezuma finally caught up with us....it was at that lovely spot on our last blog post where we had some great fish tacos at a little roadside stand. I looked at the lettuce before I put it on the taco and said, "hmmm...wonder if I should be doing this..." the answer was NO, you should not! The next day we had plans to rent atv's with new friends, Jim and Julie - half way into it, I was not feeling so good and had Bill drop me off at our campground. I ended up getting the chills and feeling really awful, by the time Bill got home a few hours later, he wasn't feeling so good either. Here are a few pics from the day
Jim and Julie

This is the aquifer where all the water for Los Barriles comes from.

Girls were taking a turn at the wheel

So we were "down for the count" for a few days - I recovered a bit quicker than Bill and I actually got quite a bit of work done that week. Friday we decided to join the campground Bocce Ball game - everyone brings appetizers and hangs out for about an hour before we pick sides by choosing from a deck of cards - reds on one team, blacks on the other, there must have been at least 20-30 of us. They have amassed quite a few bocce balls and the only rule is that you must hold your drink while playing! We had a great time and met lots of people.

On Saturday we made the trek down to San Jose del Cabo to check out the only rv supply store in Baja Sur, maybe in all of Baja, I don't know. We were hoping to see if they had either some rv batteries or a water pump. We've been having problems with both, but they had nothing there. At this point I think we're just going to wait until we get back to the states and go to Yuma where we originally bought the batteries and get a credit. And who knows what is going on with our water pump... We stopped at a cute place in Cabo for lunch that was similar to a Chipotle, but once you picked out everything you wanted they grilled it all up fresh for you - it was super yummy! Then we traveled all the way around the cape and up to Pescadero and Todos Santos. We found Pat's rv park and surprised her with a quick visit on our way to the health food store in Todos Santos.

and look what we stumbled upon in Todos Santos!

It was a long day of driving all the way around the cape but I'm so glad we got over to see Pat. We did decide to stay put in Los Barriles until our friends, Daniel and Laurie, get here at the beginning of April.

We made plans with Jim and Julie to go to the Bayview Restaurant at the Las Palmas de Cortez Hotel the night before they were leaving. We had eaten lunch there the week before and loved it and they hadn't seen the beautiful hotel. We met for drinks first at the tiki bar at our campground and watched the whales playing in the surf and the rays jumping. We were sad to say goodbye to our new friends, but know we will see them on the road again, somewhere!

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