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Los Barriles - week 4, March 22 -30

A yummy wrap with mango sauce

Seriously?! I cannot even believe we have already been here for four weeks and in Mexico for almost two months, wow! This has been a very busy week, indeed...we started off last Saturday with a trip into San Jose del Cabo to visit the Mercado Organico - it was fabulous. Not only did they have a fantastic assortment of beautiful, organic fruits and vegetables, but wonderful artisan wares and food that we could eat! I scored a cool bracelet out of some recycled leather and a yummy salsa, in addition to many bags of vegies.
COSTCO bathroom sign:
First time in 2 months we've been told to do this!!

We drove into Cabo for a Costco run and Bill wanted to get a drink on the beach and see the action. We found free valet parking at The Office so that's where we went. We started off with their special house margaritas - and I must say, they were the best I've ever had. We ordered a meal to share and then Bill spied our favorite tequila in their liquor cabinet - this was our first sighting of the Clas Azul that we found in Palm Desert several years ago and love.

if you look to the back all that light blue is the ocean and the tables are on the sand

When we ordered the Clas Azul shots (on the left, below) - it was brought out with the Sangrita (2nd from left) - this is called a Mexican margarita, which we learned about from our Austin hasher friend Smeg - truly delicious, and they make their own Sangrita here.

Bill's own special place!

Love these ladies...actually I love all of the color in Mexico, one of my favorite things!

And of course, that was just Saturday! Sunday we had plans to drive to Pescadero - no more trying to do this shit in just one day. I had purchased a pair of yoga pants at an event here in Los Barriles that needed exchanging, and the girl who sells them is in Pescadero, and has a booth at the Sunday farmers market at Baja Beans. I have been wanting to go to Baja Beans since my friend, Pat moved here and wrote about it - and boy is Sunday the happening day here! Quite a few of the merchants from the San Jose mercado were here plus a bunch more - not as much fruit and vegies, but definitely adequate. The sky was breathtakingly beautiful, as you can see from this pic. Pat showed us around and introduced us to a lot of her friends - it was really lovely and the coffee was excellent!

We then went to the Hortaliza Hierbabuena for lunch. Just around the corner from Baja Beans, this is an amazing organic restaurant in the back of a huge garden, which is used to prepare your meal. There is some meat served here, but there were vegan options, or you can just request to have something made up for you. We met more of Pat's friends here, including Dave & Janet, from Portland, who are building a house close by, and Burt and Susan, of the Gypsy Carpenter's, who we've heard a lot about. The food was spectacular, although the Chard Enchilada sin queso came out with pollo sin queso that I didn't even realize until Bill ate the 2nd half!

Bill must have made another witty comment!
And look at this table, beautiful iron work underneath and the top is fabulous!

And this was all just on Sunday!! Monday we invited our friend, Jim, from San Rafael, over for dinner. Bill made his grilled poblanos stuffed with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and some fabulous roasted vegies in a chipotle enchilada sauce - can I just say MOUTHGASM?!!! We had fun sitting out on the tiki bar and it brought back fond memories for Jim who stayed here long, long ago. He has owned his house in Los Barriles for twenty years and goes back and forth frequently. He is an avid kite-boarder and is super fun to hang out with!
Bill's first selfie!

Jim's casa with a beautiful view of the Sea of Cortez

Tuesday night the three of us went to the movie night at the East Cape RV park - it's a monthly fundraiser to support the East Cape Recycling Center, here in the cape. This is definitely something I am going to get involved with. We saw the Dallas Buyers Club under the stars - excellent movie. Wednesday night we hit up open-mic night again at the Roadrunner cafe, with Jim in tow - and ended up at Vagos bar, playing pool again. Thursday Jim left and we chilled... Bill snapped these pics of Jim and his house before he left. I am happily to report that I was at yoga - I FINALLY found the beautiful Sukhasana studio at the Healing Winds Holistic Center and am happy as a clam! I actually went three times this week, once to the last Kundalini yoga class of the season - this was super special.

Friday Bill, ONCE AGAIN, outdid himself and made these vegan jalapeƱo poppers, stuffed with - you guessed it - roasted garlic mashed potatoes - for the weekly Bocce Ball tourney and they were gone in an instant!

Saturday found us at the last city market day in Los Barriles - not really a farmer's market, not really much of anything but I wanted Bill to see it - we did finally get to the Raw Goddess cafe and had a super yummy breakfast.

And after all of that we wandered over to an open house....maybe a very big mistake, but we'll keep you posted!!

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