Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From Los Barriles to Todos Santos or Pescadero??

La Paz blog coming soon but right now, I'm very torn...originally we were supposed to spend a month here in Los Barriles and a month in the Todos Santos/Pescadero area. Nope, scratch that - ORIGINALLY we were going to spend two months in Todos Santos or El Pescadero. Then I remembered all the rave reviews from our Tahoe neighbors about Los Barriles, when we were having our many garage sales, before we moved into our rv. So then we thought we'd spend a month in each area. THEN, people we've met down here started warning us about the wind and we got a little concerned because I am not a fan - it totally wreaks havoc with my allergies. We really aren't wind-surfers or kite-boarders and that's kind of what this whole area is about, but the allure of a small, old time Mexican town was strong. I found an awesome rv park that boasted 50 amp hook-ups (almost unheard of in Baja), a heated pool and jacuzzi, and fabulous reviews. I contacted them immediately and booked a month, and gave them a deposit of $100 to secure my spot, which was the last one they had. A week ago I received an email from the woman I had been dealing with at the rv park and she informed me that space was no longer available as one of the current tenants didn't want to leave, but if I wanted to come to Los Barriles and pick up my $100, she would be happy to return it! Well, I wasn't too upset about this because I had already been having second thoughts and there were a few other rv parks there that had pretty good reviews - one in particular was recommended to us over beers at Jungla Jims in Mulegé. So after some fun in La Paz, we came to Los Barriles and found a great spot at Martín Verdugo's Beach Resort, right on the beach. It was almost half the price as East Cape and had a really funky ambiance that we preferred. We paid for two days and we're definitely staying at least another day or two. We have a beer date with a blog reader that we're really looking forward to and we're going to try to find the hot springs that are nearby. We also found a small natural foods grocery here - The Blue Wave, and they're getting a big shipment today so we want to be around for that!

Cows, goats and horses mill about town - there are "grates" and cow-paddies everywhere.
Here is a calf nursing!

All kinds of toys ridden around town here.

At the beautiful Palmas de Cortez Hotel

So the dilemma now is where to go from here. We have two good choices, and I just can't decide. Pescadero is where my friend Pat lives. There is a little rv park that is very inexpensive, but the site is small and only has 15 amps electricity. Pescadero has a lot of charm, yoga and a great community vibe. I think it might have better beach access, but I don't know this for sure. Todos Santos has been described to me as an artsy town, much like Carmel. Well, I love artsy towns, but not too fond of the "vibe" of Carmel, if you know what I mean. But this rv park sounds really awesome - it has 30 amp hook-ups (which means we can use at least one air conditioner), a pool, a site that just may include a palapa, outdoor kitchen and bathroom. It's a small park that is comprised of mostly permanent, individually owned sites. I believe they may have a hotel and restaurant there, as well, and it is walking distance to town. Todos Santos also has yoga, a vegetarian restaurant and health food store, along with a myriad of other stores and galleries. So I'm torn. I do not have a deposit down at either place but have spoken extensively to both owners over the last few months, more so to the Todos Santos owner, though, who originally promised me the site, then wrote and told me it wasn't available unless I could arrive later. So it's now later and I'm trying to decide what to do...stay posted, or share your thoughts!


  1. Hi, Did you catch many fish while down there? Any Roosterfish? Thanks

    1. We haven't spent much time fishing but this year that will change! Tons of fish are caught down here - including rooster fish! It's a fishermans paradise - ESP in the summer and right now (October).

  2. Hi, Did you catch many fish while down there? Any Roosterfish? Thanks