Sunday, September 1, 2013

South Lake Tahoe...(part I)

...where my heart is home. Is this why I haven't blogged since we arrived nearly four months ago? It is certainly not because there has been nothing to write about! We have been going about 90 per since we landed here with some epic adventures, and maybe that's just it, we are experiencing so much that I have no time to blog. Of course, there have been some traumatic events that have occurred this summer that have left me pretty much mentally incapacitated, as well. But now as our stay winds down in this funky city I have been reflecting on our time here and wanted to see if I could sum up four months in a few paragraphs here. That is the challenge!

MAY: We arrived mid-month to glorious weather - so fabulous that the 2nd day we were here our friend Jen convinced us to canoe with her and Socs (Daniel's dog) down the North Upper Truckee river from Elks Club Road to where we used to live on Colorado Court, just a mile short of the lake. The river was raging and fuller than I have ever seen it. Bill absolutely did not think this was the best idea - but he indulges me, and I'm so glad he does because it was a wild ride like I've never had before! We capsized twice, the second time we lost a paddle but Bill was able to retrieve it around a bend. Jen capsized once and ended up losing her crocs but not the dog! We were drenched and frozen but totally exhilarated!

Jen and Socs - before the capsizing, I think!
 We had a chance to walk on part of the Stateline to Stateline bicycle trail Bill had been working on for years

 And we spent a lot of time at the beach on the river by our old house (now Daniel and Jen's)

Levi - who is hiking the PCT caught up to us in SLT - I went and picked him and some friends up at Echo Lake and brought them back here for showers, food and fun.
And many meals with Daniel and Jen, cooking broth from our vegie box remains.

We were able to meet up with the Reno Tahoe Odyssey hash group & bring them pasta to their motel.

JUNE: We finally had a "Happy Hour" at the campground - in year's past we did this every week, can't quite keep up that pace anymore and it was super last minute. We had a surprise visit from some friends we met in Florida - Niki and Jim Mason (Levi's parents).

We began working our three days/week at the campground - we were both supposed to work in the office but Bill found a way to spend most of the day in the golf cart making sure everyone in the campground was happy - or else! The Billy and Joel band played one last time at the Flight Deck where we danced until the very end.

We were blessed with lots of visitors while we were here and had fun with Jazmyne, up from Chico.

I think I'm going to have to sum up July and August in another blog!!

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