Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pinnacles National Park

Our friend, Pix, has been planning hikes through the Pinnacles for years but we have never been able to go. Somehow I got copied on an email about a week before this year's hike, which was going to include camping. The timing couldn't have been better as we were traveling from Southern California to Northern California. We made reservations to stay the week and were super excited to see Pix along with a bunch of our Hash and Burner friends from the Bay Area and Sacramento.

We scored a super "walk-up" site (no rezzies) and settled in with a few smaller hikes before everyone got there. Pix and her boyfriend PT, whom we call SP, came a few days early too and we had fun hiking and hanging out with them.

The butterflies were everywhere and appeared to be dead on the side of the trail, but in actuality they were just "resting" and you could actually pick them up!

A visitor in our "front yard"
It seems I neglected to get any pictures of all of the people! Oh well, the memories and trails were great - definitely check out the area if you get a chance.

The Pinnacles were formed from volcanic activity along the San Andreas Fault, some of the rocks have moved as far as Southern California through tectonic plate movement. There are caves and bats and amazing hiking.

If you look very, very closely you can see our fellow hikers in the crevice of the rocks.

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