Friday, September 20, 2013

Eagle Lake, California

After bidding a fond farewell to our friends in South Lake Tahoe, we drove north to visit the lovely Eagle Lake, which is a little north of Susanville, CA. We spent five days there soaking in the quiet after four months of crazy Tahoe life. We both do enjoy the fun and socialness of our last “home town" but I think we both prefer being in a place that is more peaceful. The joy of full-timing is that you can have it all and mix it up a bit.

The campsites at Eagle Lake were huge and we ended up in a really great spot. We got the canoe off the car and put in at the free marina. I spent one day paddling with Bill and then settled in to do some work. I had one client with a September 15th deadline and quite a few with October 15th deadlines.  I knew that the next few places we were planning on stopping at had no Internet so this was a good time for me to hunker down.

We had heard there were huge trout to be caught in this lake and without a nibble the day I went out, Bill spent the next two days paddling the canoe by himself, something he’s never done before. Alas, he had no luck with the trout, but did land a 12-inch Tui Chub, which he released, once he figured out what it was. By the time he got home he was also feeling a little badly about the worms he was using for bait…it’s funny how our plant-based, whole foods lifestyle creeps into other parts of our lives.

Eagle Lake is just a bit low...

We haven't seen this many big birds since we left Cedar Key - the white pelicans were in abundance.


The one that might have been...

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