Friday, January 25, 2013

Unexpected visitors!

Facebook is the bomb! Between that and our blog people have found us on the road and we've arranged some meet-ups in totally random places. Bill has A LOT of friends out there from his Air Force days and just when I think I've met them all up pops another one I've never even heard about! We got a FB post a few weeks ago from Rod who was traveling down to Key West from Nashville on a motorcycle with a friend and passing right by us. Unfortunately when he was traveling south we were in California for a Bar Mitzvah, but we would be back on his travels north which was last night. We had plans for a NuRVer Asian Buffet and Bill was making a fabulous recipe I found for Avocado Green Curry, when we got the call that Rod and his friend Eugenio were on their way and would be here around 7. Well, we knew they had been on the road all day and would be in need of a hot meal so we switched our plans and bowed out of the pot-luck, built a campfire and cleared some space for our friends and their tents.

Now Bill and I are right at the beginning of Bill's annual "on the wagon" no drinking 7 week event, so not only were we no meat, no dairy, we were also no booze! How boring is that, especially when entertaining?! Oh well, we are who we are and we cooked up an amazing meal and served our visitors beers and had a great time getting to know each other around the campfire. And did I mention it was a beautiful evening in the mid-50's with no wind! They loved our meal and were very interested in checking out the documentary that changed our eating habits, Forks Over Knives, especially once I whipped up a wonderful fruit salad sprinkled with unsweetened coconut for breakfast, followed by lettuce wraps with Florida avocados, sweet onion, tomatoes and balsamic!

We made plans to keep in touch through FB and see them in Nashville - Rod's going to go home and measure his driveway! Eugenio is quite enamored with our way of life and we gave him some tips on how to bring his lovely bride around to the idea.

They took off around noon today and Bill and I are so happy we could host them!

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