Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year’s Trailer Trash (TiTi) Hash #4 2013

posted by Bill

Unfortunately, the end of the world hash scheduled for December 22, 2012, the day after the Mayans thought the world would end, had to be cancelled due to a lack of hashers. Fortunately, the Mayans were wrong and the world didn’t end, so we rescheduled the hash for December 29th, hoping for a better turnout. Unfortunately, this hash, too, was cancelled due to a lack of interest and some bad attitude. Nonetheless, the TiTi’s persevered and finally got a hash organized for New Year’s Day with one of the biggest turnouts yet for a TiTi hash.

Missy Pissy showing Just Sam, our Beermeister
 a good place to hide the beer wagon.

Our hares were Lycktonite and Missy Pissy. This was the virgin lay for Missy Pissy and Lycktonite’s first time haring without an experienced co-hare. Since Missy Pissy had to work most of the time the week before the hash, Lycktonite did the majority of the planning, and from what I could tell when she got home from scouting, she was really enjoying the experience.

Rock Cock (St Patty's Day) and Missy Pissy (4th of July) getting ready for Chalk Talk
Hashers like to dress up and themed hashes have become the norm for the Trailer Trash hash. there was an overwhelming plea for a "Dress as your Favorite Holiday Hash." We had some very interesting holidays represented from Arbor Day to Halloween and even a Talk Like a Pirate Day!

eXceSs (Pirate), Just Tracy (May Day), Just Erica (Halloween)

Just Shaun (Arbor Day)
Cedar Key is a tough place to hash, as the island is small, narrow and it’s hard not to double back on your trail, so our hares decided to go with an A to B trail that started at the museum on the northern tip of the island. The trail took us out to a really cool dilapidated (and somewhat sketchy) boardwalk that led to a pier where a bottle of Mudslides awaited. We all sat in a circle and enjoyed the moment and the shots. We brought the bottle with us the rest of the way and had frequent stops to replenish our energy.

Co-hare Missy Pissy leading trail
We soon found ourselves at another back check that took us back to the previous check. From there things got a bit confusing for the pack and we wound up running down the main road off the island and missing all the delicious shiggy that the hares had planned for us. We all fell for the false trail at the airport and were rewarded with a beer check on our way back set up by our beer angel, Just Sam. The hares were there waiting for us too and after finishing our beers they directed us back toward the high school, where we picked up the last section of trail that took us to the On In at a beach near downtown Cedar Key. Rock Cock, Just Shaun and I played a bit of soccer while running down the road with a golf ball we found on trail.

After some cajoling by the pack, I was persuaded to run an actual circle rather than the half-assed circle I was trying to get away with. We had lost Just Lucy and Just Porky before the end due to some whinging excuse about a broken leg or something, so for circle we had the hares, Rock Cock, virgins Just Shaun and Just Erica, Just Sam, Just Tracy, and me. After introductions, we ran through normal down downs, including the choice for the virgins to sing a song, tell a joke, or show an intimate body part. I can’t remember what Shaun did, but I can tell you that Erica has a piercing somewhere very interesting.

After circle we loaded up in Sam’s car and went back to the start to pick up our cars and head home. Lycktonite and I took the canoe out for a spin to top off a gorgeous day, the first one we’d had in a long time.

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  1. Sorry we had to miss it, it would have been our first TiTi hash with our official names! Anyway, great theme guys. And if CK is a hard hash to hare, why not take an adventure off the island? Sound like a good reason, right?