Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NuRVer's Crowd Sourced Meals...

One of the hallmarks of any gathering of NuRVers seems to be crowd-sourced meals, or as you may know it, pot-lucks! Chris and Cherie started us off with a "salsa-off" and when Pace and Kylie arrived the four of us were bantering back and forth about who makes the best vegan chili, so of course you must realize what happened next - a chili and movie night!

Sam and Tracy were situated perfectly to host this event as they opened up to an empty spot directly behind us. Tracy had rigged a very elaborate pvc chandelier and we put together a bunch of tables for everyone's chili concoctions. Bill has a projector that he brought along on our travels and when we were in Slab City for New Year's last year we had an outdoor movie night. The weather was supposed to be beautiful so we thought, why not, let's do it again!
Tracy and Sam's place! I think this was before the crazy rain storm that soaked everything for about 30 minutes.
Me want PVC light fixture!!

So many choices!

Bill's projector, Sam's movie and an old white sheet we have attached to Sam & Tracy's awning. We watched Looper.
I have stolen these photos from Chris and Cherie of Technomadia, because I didn't have my phone/camera on me that evening - thanks, guys!

Next there was an Asian night, but we had a conflict with a friend visiting and missed that one, but tonight was Tex-Mex and I had found an awesome recipe for vegan "cheese" and it turned out fabulously.  There is one other vegan couple here in our group, but they were not feeling well so I didn't expect them to attend. I mentioned to Bill that since most every Mexican dish has cheese we would most likely just be eating what we brought tonight, but to my delightful surprise many people had gone out of their way to bring something that we could eat! We said goodbye to Forrest and Mary, who have been here for the last month, and we were lucky enough to have a lovely meal before the weather turned.

And to catch up....
Our friend, Brian's siblings came to visit and it was fun getting to know them.
Maria and Brian with Ernie and Buddha
We had another movie night with Sam and Tracy and watched Teddy before they left...both our good friends Sam and Tracy, and Maria and Brian are now gone, we miss them but know we'll catch them ....down the road, a piece!

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