Monday, November 26, 2012


...I do love thee and am thankful for the overabundance found in Austin, Texas! My most favoritist (yes, I said that) food is the AVOCADO and one of the perks of the plant based-whole foods diet is that you can not only eat as much as you want of it but it's actually a great way to get a lot of your essential nutrients. There are many places we travel to where there isn't one to be found on a menu, but not Austin, no, it's on every single menu we've been to in our two weeks here and I'm in heaven. I thought I might have hit my limit last night, but when I woke up this morning my first thought was can I use that perfectly ripe avocado sitting in my fridge this morning!

Austin is also, much to our delight, a vegan's paradise. There are 16 vegan food trucks, yes, 16!! And most every restaurant we've been to has a few items on the menu that are actually noted as vegan. It is a college town, but I don't think that even California is this vegan friendly. Yesterdays trip to check out Vegan Nom aka Rockin' Vegan Tacos was a highlight...not only were the tacos fabulous but their Mudd Dip with black beans, chili con queso, fresh quacomole and cilantro, wow - nom nom nom!!! I am still thinking about our meal there this morning!

So now it's been two weeks since we left Austin, the above I started to write while we were of these days I will catch up and post "in the moment" blogs...after 2+ years though I wonder if that will actually ever happen!

Amaaaaaazing food in Austin! Bill hit up Biscuits and Groovy twice and we went back to Vegan Nom twice too.
We LOVE Austin! We were there last January and tried to get into the Pecan Grove RV park with no luck. They only have about 10 spaces for "transients" and a very popular location steps away from Lady Bird Lake, music venues, a brewery and good restaurants. I had made reservations months before and was very lucky to get 2 weeks at the beginning of November. We left Hamlin, and our friends, a little too late in the day so we got to Austin right at rush hour, driving a big 35 ft rv and towing a car through downtown Austin at rush hour isn't fun, but people were really nice and even let us "merge". We got unpacked quickly and set out on foot to get the lay of the land. First stop, of course, was Uncle Billy's brewery - right next door!
Bill at Uncle Billy's brewery after a long run around Lady Bird Lake

We spent a lot of time running around the lake, walking over the bridge to downtown and frequenting whatever music venues we could. We also got to hash a few times with the Austin hash and hang out with our friend Smeg, who Bill knew from his Phoenix days back in the 90's. Austin has a great hash, good trails and friendly folks. A few remembered us from the Stupor Bowl hash last January. We did the Veteran's day hash and sported our required kilts.

Friends Derrel and Pam from Hamlin took this pic - they were in town for the UT football game and came over to visit. 
always fun with Derrel and Pam
Our friends are "The Roaming Pint" -sticker at the Austin Beerwerks - who guided us to The Gingerman!
The Elephant Room

With Smeg (aka Rick) and harriette dining al fresco at El Alma

At the Hula Hut with Smeg after the hash.

Sixth Street fun with Smeg


  1. It's impossible to have a BAD time in Austin, it's always been one of the best cities in the world for food and entertainment.

    Next time you're there, eat at Famous Matt's Mexican Food, it was probably the best place we dined at while we were there last time. Best Margaritas ever! Mmmmm....

    1. Thanks, Rene - there definitely will be a "next time"!!