Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Friends in the little town of Hamlin, TX

We weren't sure if we were going to be able to see Bill's friends, Pam & Derrel, in Hamlin who we visited last January. The weekend we had planned to come they were out of town for a reunion (just a week past Bill's!) and we had reservations at a great little park in Austin that we couldn't adjust. Derrel is the only dentist in the county and is quite busy during the week but we had a few days to kill and really could use our teeth cleaned so we just planned to come during the week and see them when we could. Well, let me tell you, I am so glad we came anyway! Aside from the fact that our visiting didn't begin until 5pm and went into the wee hours of the morn', the fact that we had a few days without any plans and that there was absolutely nothing to do in this town was great! It seems as if we have been moving '90 per' since May and we had just come to a screeching halt!
parked in front of one of Derrel & Pam's homes

I am getting caught up on my work, blogging, house cleaning and the laundry. We even put all of our dishes, glasses and silverware through a hot, sanitizing wash in the dishwasher! Happy, happy, joy, joy and the weather is a purrrfect 78 degrees...excuse me while I go sit on a chaise and read, er nap!

Had some time to get my spices out of the dark pantry and out where I can use them. I also put up a small rack on the pantry door for the other ones. I used a metal ruler which I put up with thick double-sided tape and then purchased magnetic spice cans from Bed, Bath & Beyond - it's been working out great and they stay up even while we're driving on some gnarly roads!

We spent the first evening partying in Pam's "hobby house" one of the three homes they own on their block - too much fun!
We're having fun with the hat we brought for Pam's hobby house - it needed some Halloweening!
An evening at the "Man Cave"
Halloween at the Dentist with Dr. Derrel!

An evening of fun in Bebe...

We had four fabulous, fun-filled nights with Pam and Derrel and hope to see them down in Cedar Key this winter!!

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