Monday, November 19, 2012

back to Santa Fe...

snow coming = must off we went back to Santa Fe where we had not really had time to diverge and conquer, plus one of my really close friends was going to be there, so off we went.

Marni and I go back to a time when we both were raising children in the San Francisco east bay. We quickly became fast friends and even though she and I have both moved all over California we have kept in touch. The last time I saw her was in San Diego, Fall 2010. Serendipity is amazing...I received a mass email from Marni telling us that her youngest daughter, Tori was to appear on Jeopardy that week. In that email she also mentioned that she was going to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico - well, so were we! I quickly emailed her and we set up a date to meet for lunch and to tour the Georgia O'Keeffe museum.

It was great seeing Marni - it continues to amaze me how one can get together with a friend they haven't seen in two years (OR MORE!) and just pick up from the last visit. Marni and I are not even FB friends so we had a lot of catching up to do. She knew me "when" as I did her and I will always treasure her friendship. The museum was interesting and I'm glad I had a chance to see it and tour downtown Santa Fe. Love the town but just a bit too expensive and hoity toity for me; now back in the day....

The highlight of our visit back to Santa Fe has to be the restaurant Mu Du Noodles! Now that Bill and I have gone "plant-based, whole food" eating our focus is finding amazing restaurants where we can easily dine. Mu Du Noodles is our number one favorite find, to date. Not only are all the vegan items on the menu marked with a V but an asterisk on the other items lets you know that they can also be made vegan. We were lucky enough to be waited on by the owner and once he knew that we A) loved sake and be B) were vegan, he basically ordered for us - and we wanted everything because that meant we'd have leftovers!! Not only was the service impeccable but the food was nothing short of spectacular - from presentation to taste, a big fat YUMM!

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