Friday, August 10, 2012

Visiting Will the Turd...uh, the Third, I mean!

We don't get to see much of our children but every now and then the opportunity presents itself and we have a blast. Bill's son, Will, was just returning from a month in New York when we were heading towards his mom's house in Rosscommon, Michigan, where he'd been living for the last year or so. He moved in with his mom after college in Orange County, California and he's been working a couple of jobs to save up money to move somewhere where he could pursue a career in film acting or directing. We found a campground on North Higgins Lake for the weekend and hung out with Will in between his work commitments. We always have a lot of fun with Will, he is a great kid with a huge personality, reminds me a lot of his old man!

It was great having an address to order some things and have our mail forwarded and also got a recommendation from Will's mom for a hair stylist. It had been since Savannah, when I got the pink dye job, and it definitely needed some attention! Afterwards we all went to the beach and people watched....

The last night we were in town was the annual AuSable River Canoe Marathon. We had just finished dinner and Will took us on a crazy drive through the area to find it and luckily for us we got there just at the start!

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