Friday, August 10, 2012

Indiana to Michigan

It was finally time to leave our fairy tale land and venture back to the real world, the world of auto/rv repairs,insurance companies and $$. Luckily the Fleetwood factory had a lot with a 50 amp hook-up for us to stay in so we headed to Decatur, Indiana the weekend before our repair appointment. We were happy this detour made it possible to see our hash friend from Phoenix who is living temporarily in Dayton, OH - just a hop, skip and a jump away. We drove into Ohio on Sunday to do laundry and meet Steve for beers and pizza. We have stayed numerous times in Steve (and Jackie's) driveway in Phoenix. It's super long, super level and close to some good hiking and restaurants.

The service and repairs went without a hitch and the warranty company came through and picked up a big piece of the bill. So off we drove to Michigan to see Lonna! We found an excellent RV park very close to Lonna's home - Gammy Woods Campground and spent the next day with Lonna and her friend Neil, whom we met in Cedar Key. She has a wonderful home on a huge piece of land with a forest both in front and in back of it. We thought we might spend another day but we were lucky and scored a great campground close to Bill's son in Roscommon for the weekend, so off we went!

Lonna's fabulous backyard backing up to Lake Isabella.

Campground Pool Table

Lonna in front of her beautiful home

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