Friday, August 31, 2012

Impromptu stops....

...are the very best! When we started full-timing I sent an email out to my entire contact list informing everyone of our plans.We had many generous offers of driveways to park in and visit requests. One of those was from hasher, Denied Entry, aka Bill, who we had met several times when we lived in Tahoe. His daughter lived near by and he owned a home there but his residence was in Montana. We had hoped to get up to Idaho and Montana the following summer but it never happened, but I had saved that email from 2 years ago. And now here we were passing through Missoula when I remembered he lived here. I shot him an email and he replied that we must come join them on their sailboat on Flathead Lake.

There is a bar called the Idle Spur Saloon that is right there in the town of Dayton that has a huge grass lawn where we could park overnight and they just happen to have a band playing on the outside stage as we drove up. We parked Bebe in a choice little spot with a beautiful backdrop and sauntered on over to check things out at the bar.

Bill and Kristin arrived about an hour later and we headed out for a moonlight sail. I had only sailed in the San Francisco bay area and let me tell you, we were dressed in ski clothes and it was ANYTHING, but fun - this, on the other hand, was sublime. Without a moon the sky was dressed to the hilt and Bill regaled us with his star wizardry....the other Bill and Kristen knew their stuff was magical!

Can't wait to come back to Montana to have them show us their town of Missoula!

Harriette Kristin aka Hindlick Maneuver

Hasher Bill aka Denied Entry

What fun we had!

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