Monday, May 14, 2012

Trailer Trash Hash

This is the story of the Trailer Trash Hash House Harriers. Those who know us, know that we met at a Hash House Harriers run in Walnut Creek. If you don’t know what the Hash is, quite simply it’s an international “drinking club with a running problem.” We drink, follow trails marked with flour and chalk, then drink some more and sing a few songs. When Debby and I left Lake Tahoe to begin our full-time RV adventure, we left behind what we thought was one of the best hashes we’d ever run with, the South Lake Tahoe Hash, or SLuTs for short. Being dedicated hashers, we planned to find kennels to run with as often as we could while on the road and occasionally set a trail for our friends. 

Sam, Tracy, Schelby and I on trail in Quartzite 
One of our first stops after leaving Tahoe was at Quartzsite, Arizona where we spent the month of January dry camping with a group of NuRVers on BLM land. After talking about hashing with our new friends, we decided the only way to explain the hash properly is to set a trail, so that’s what I did. It was short and sweet and intended to give our new friends a taste of hashing without killing them. Let’s just say this was not a group of serious runners. At this point we were referring to ourselves as the SLuTs on Tour, but since the SLuT hash really belonged in South Lake Tahoe, we knew we’d be needing a new name.
"Chalk Talk" before the first Cedar Key Hash 

It was more than a year later, in Cedar Key, when we set our second trail. We found ourselves there with Brian and Maria, who we met while at Quartzsite and took to their first hash in Phoenix - they had hashed a few times by this point. Also staying at our RV park were Chris and Cherie, friends from Camp Nomadia at Burning Man and Jeannette and Dennis, also NuRVers we met in Slab City at New Year’s this year and we had dragged them to their first hash in Austin. Chris had hashed before so was very excited about the possibility of running a trail in Cedar Key and kept the pressure on me to set a trail before they and their friends Anne and Elliott left. Our new friends Amy and Levi were also anxious to give hashing a try. After only a couple of days of scouting, a trail was born and starting at the Tiki Bar at the Low Key Hideaway, where we were joined by Pat, who had also hashed a few times before, and a virgin that didn’t make it past Tuesday on the days of the week song. In honor of the success Kansas had been having in the NCAA championship tournament, the pack was decked out in blue and red. The trail went well and we had a short circle in Cedar Key before heading back to the Tiki Bar for more revelry, including a naming for Brian—“Rock Cock.” 

Just Pat sporting his awesome find to decorate his Easter bonnet
I persuaded Brian to help me set the next trail the following weekend on Easter Sunday. This would be Brian’s first time haring, so we needed to plan things thoroughly, especially transporting the beer. Everyone wore their finest Easter bonnets and enjoyed a beautiful trail with lots of island shiggy and a few tick checks. Turns out the On In was on private property and we got busted by the owners, but they just told us to clean up after ourselves and let us finish circle. Maria took over as RA when Bill refused to give himself a Down Down for the trail and she proved she was a natural. Dennis earned the name “OBP” because of the truth serum he drank regularly at the Tiki Bar. 

Knowing we needed a new name and logo for the hash, a group of us convened at Pat and Cindy’s house to brainstorm. Given that we all live in RVs, the “Trailer Trash Hash” was a no-brainer for a name. That abbreviates to TTH3, so a couple of vowels were needed and the “i”s won. So the SLuTs on Tour became the TiTi Hash. After a night of drinking, singing, and drawing, the group came up with a fantastic concept for the TiTi Hash logo and less than 24 hours later, Jeanette had drawn it up for us. It’s a smashing success.

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