Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Madeleine in the USA

Bill's daughter Madeleine moved to England just about the time we took off on the road, so it's been about two years since we have seen her. She got her masters degree at Cambridge and then moved to London for a two-year theater program. Madeleine was coming to the states on her two-week break and after visiting her mom in Arizona, we flew her out to Tampa to spend a few days with her grandmother and us. The timing was perfect and broke up her trip back to the UK. We all camped out at Grandma Doano's house and had a blast. 

Before Madeleine arrived we went with Doano to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg.

We went back the next day for burgers and rum runners on the beach at the Bon-Aire Motel. 
(thanks for that tip, Maria!)

It was great to see Madeleine, she is happy and having an amazing experience in London- the visit was short, but sweet!

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