Friday, May 4, 2012

Nomadic Reunion in Cedar Key

It's incredibly difficult to tell about 2 months spent in one place - especially when one doesn't keep up their blog regularly! But definitely the highlight of our time in Cedar Key was the convergence of so many of our nomadic friends. We fell in love with the place in less than 24 hours and that was even before we got to share it with anyone or discover the Low-Key Hideaway! I've talked about our time with Sini and Bob and alluded to our fun with friends at the Low-Key but here I will attempt to give you a little insight into our camping with friends Maria & Brian  and Jeanette & Dennis. Maria & Brian started full-timing just about when we did and we met them when we boondocked in Quartzsite in January 2011. They are our kid's age and we love them and their crazy dogs Buddha & Ernie, hell we now even love the JayHawks, who, as KU alums, they are crazy about!! They have a tricked-out "class C" rv and work and travel, just like we do. It was Maria I was extolling the virtues of Cedar Key to when we decided to change course and stay there for 2 months and it was Maria who said...we're on our way! They camp a little differently than we do - they like cities (with breweries) & because of their size and no slide-outs they are able to park on the street. This is also advantageous for them as they do not tow a car but use their bikes to get around. Quite often they will work out of libraries and coffee houses while we have only worked either in Bebe or just outside of Bebe.
working outside of Bebe.......
  But I digress...I was a little worried that I had convinced them to come to this sleepy little island town with NO breweries and that they might be bored! But no need to worry, they had been moving quickly across the country and were ready for a little "chill time." They stayed for a month (first time they had a long-term campground stay) and had a blast. Jeanette and Dennis are a little older than Maria & Brian and they also sport a sweet little class C & and they also like city life. Both Maria and Brian and Bill and myself had met the Cheddar Yeti clan this New Year's at Slab City. They've also been full-timing for about as long as we have. We were all moving across the U.S. in waves but everyone wanted to come see just what I was going on about. Our "Nomadic Krewe" was supposed to get together in NOLA for Mardis Gras but I needed to get stabilized for tax season so it never happened; it had been since January at Slab City that this motley crew had all assembled. And we didn't miss a beat...we road our bikes all over Cedar Key, we converged on the Tiki Bar for happy hours & pot-lucks, we had bbq's and shrimp boils and March Madness viewings; we spent a day out on North Key Island, we kayaked, we fished, learned to catch & eat crab, hung out at The Big Deck Raw Bar where we met Amy & Levi and just had more fun than you can even imagine. All this during tax season, Bill's annual sobriety, and everyone working.

Towards the end of April we had more nomadic visitors - Chris & Cherie who are fellow burners and who helped us with a lot of techy stuff as we started this gig. They were in the area and needed to "cut loose" just a little, and their online followers Clark & Elaine came to meet them in person. More of their friends, Ann and Elliot, managed to find us all in Cedar Key as well...and as you can imagine, much fun ensued......

I just have to mention that we all missed Sam & Tracy and Kev & Angie who we spent the month with in Quartzsite last year...maybe next time!

See our next blog for the official start of the Trailer Trash Hash...

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