Friday, November 25, 2016

Last leg of the 2016 Summer Travels - Homeward Bound

We crossed the border in Tecate, like we always do, but this time we were pulled over to be searched - first time for us and we were packed to the gills.  At first I let Bill handle it, but after about 10 minutes I got out of the car to see what was going on. They had started pulling stuff out of the cab and I had to jump in as I knew where everything was and wanted to get out of this quickly without too much unpacking. I would unpack a few things for him to look futher into the bowels and he'd say, a little I'd unpack a few more things and this went on for another 10 minutes and he finally gave up. Didn't take us too long to pack it all back up again and we were on our way. One of the things that continues to get us into trouble is the giving of TOO MUCH INFORMATION...don't say you're moving down here, just say "I'm on vacation" - that's it!

We left San Diego early so were able to push to El Rosario and stay at Baja Cactus...dinner at Mama Espinoza's and an early night as we had a very long day ahead of us. In the middle of the "gas gap" we ended up looking for a baño in Cataviña. We've passed this spot many times and have always wanted to stop...Bill thought he'd get a breakfast beer and ask to use the baño when we were asked if we'd like a cold coconut. Why, si, por favor! Wow - did that taste good! And once we were finished he took them back and scraped up the meat, add some lime to the coconut and mix it all up, with some tajin seasoning and the water and I swear it tasted like sashimi - soooo good! I look forward to more stops like this along the way. On our first trip down the peninsula we did some of this but since then we've just been making a bee line from home to the border as fast as we that we're "settled" it's time to focus on discovering this country.

Coconut Sashimi!

We had a super long day and made it all the way to Loreto, which set us up for a much easier drive home, especially considering all of the horrible road work being done between there and La Paz. Stayed in a new place - the Hotel Santa Fe, pretty nice and included a kitchen and a pool. It was a nice walk to Restorante Mi Loreto, that our friends, Cathy and Miguel, had told us about. 

We were so excited to get home! We arrived on what we were told was the hottest day all summer and it didn't let up until November. But we didn't care one little bit. Our casita was in perfect shape. Wayne's "guy" cleaned up our place so well that we were in shock, after seeing those crazy pictures. Wayne had plugged in our fridge, turned the a/c on and we were ecstatic!

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