Saturday, November 19, 2016

Back to Nevada City...

I had about 10 days total in Nevada City, just enough time to catch my breath! We discovered the local hash kennel, "Cougar H3," was hosting a hash while we were there and friends Becca and Jules, aka PoopaTrooper & BATT (Bad Ass Tongue Tricks), drove from Sacramento and Reno, respectively,  to come hash with us. OMG, this was a kennel of REAL R*NNERS!! Not only was this an urban trail, set in the city, but in the that coupled with us being super out of shape spending the summer on our asses in the truck, made for us being really far behind - so far that there wasn't any beer left for us at the beer check...quite an offence, if truth be told....but we all met back up at the brewery, where they weren't going to sing any songs. The 4 of us visitors were not going to have any of that! This was a newer group and we were a bunch of seasoned veterans, who showed them what's what, even if they did leave us in the dust!

The Visitors, aka Troublemakers!
And upbeknownst to each other we all brought our Iguana's Happi Coats!
I left Nevada City before Bill and flew to L.A. to be with my daughter, Lauryn, to celebrate her 3rd clean and sober birthday with her. This is a day I am thrilled to celebrate, every single year!

Right after the birthday celebration at Beit T'shuvah we all piled into the van I rented and traveled to Palm Desert where we were going to spend the weekend at my parents. Bill left a couple of days later from Nevada City to meet me down there for the final family visit before we crossed the border. If you're exhausted reading these last couple of posts, you can just imagine how we felt! We figured at this point we had driven 9000 miles in 9 weeks, with another 1000 ahead of us...

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