Thursday, April 25, 2013

St.Louis, Missouri

View from the RV as we drove in.
This was just supposed to be a quick overnight stop until our friends, Maria and Brian (of the Roaming Pint) told us about the City Museum. They had a great time there and highly recommended it. And then Bill reminded me about The Arch. So we left Nashville and headed to a small rv park that was right downtown and walking distance to everything we wanted to see.

First on the agenda, after setting up, was to hit the Shlafly Brewery for some brews and food - and a little pool as well.

Schlafly Brewery
The next day the temps were quite cold but the sun came out and we decided to walk the two and half miles to The Arch. It probably wasn't the best idea as I had kind of forgotten we had a lot to do in one day! Once we got there we had to wait in a long line to get in to buy tickets to go up in the Arch. If you go, be sure you enter through the South Entrance as we found out there is never any line there. Security was very tight, just like an airplane except for the body scanner and we could keep our shoes on. Once in we got our tickets to go up in the little capsules that hold 5 people and take you to the top of the Arch. It was super cool up there and the sights were great. We even got $3 off, each, because we had a National Parks Pass - so don't forget yours! The Arch is right on the Mississippi River and you could see how high the water was from all of the rain they'd had. I was a bit surprised that it seemed more like an amusement ride at Disneyland than a National Park, but it was still worth it.
Our new RV, haha - Bill's trying to figure out how to dump the tanks!
On our way home we stopped at The Dubliner for a Harp and a Smithwicks - we were shocked to see they had a vegan salad on their menu so we ordered that and some fries and we were happy campers. By the time we got home we were beat and both napped for our big outing to the museum that night. On the weekends it is open until midnight and from the reviews it said that there were less little kids at night.

The museum was fantastic, like the world's largest jungle gym -or as Bill says, like the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland. Huge mazes out of metal that you climb through to get to more mazes or tubes or slides. The best tip I can give you here is to wear knee pads - my knees are still bruised! They have a bar inside and several places to get food. We were there a couple of hours and that was good for us.
The City Museum

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  1. My daughter went to college in St. Louis, so I've made many trips there and absolutely love it. But we've never managed to hit up the City Museum. I've heard such great things about it though. Most likely we'll go through St. Louis some time this summer and will make that a must see this time. And thanks for the knee pad tip. I could live without bruises!