Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last days in Cedar Key....

I cannot believe how quickly the last four months have passed! I was originally a tad bit nervous committing to four months in one place, first time we have done that since we've been on the road, but it all worked out great and convinced both of us that doing 4 month stints here and there is where we're at right now.

We went to the tiki bar the Friday before last to share a farewell drink with Mark who had been in Cedar Key for a few months. We found out that in all the time he had been in Cedar Key he hadn't been down to the SeaBreeze to play pool - well, sounds like we needed to take a trip downtown. So Jay, Bill and I (literally) poured into Mark's already packed van and headed down to Dock Street. Mark is a good pool player, as are Jay and Bill; me, not so much, but I had a lucky night! We played a few games, I think we each won one and then were planning on going home when we heard music playing over at The Big Deck, across the street. Hanging out at the bar were Cindy, Pat, Tina and a few others we knew so we never even made it past the bar into where the music was playing. Things were getting crazy, everyone was feeling no pain and then we mentioned to Cindy and Tina that there was Kareoke over at SeaBreeze. Well, Tina has an amazing voice so there wasn't too much convincing needed for us to get her across the off we all went. Cindy and I were dancing, Tina was singing, Pat and his friend were hanging out at the bar watching the action and Bill was at a table watching us with his back to the pool tables. All of a sudden there was a huge ruckus over by the pool tables  and as I turned to see what was going on I see my 62 year old husband jumping in to break up a bar fight over at the pool table where one guy was having his head bashed in repeatedly onto the pool table. The kid was a bloody mess and I yelled for Bill to leave it alone...but there he went! He finally backed off, not without receiving a few wounds himself and we high tailed it out of there before the cops arrived. Somewhere along the way we had lost Jay and Mark and we decided to walk home - it was a beautiful night and we actually needed the walk! Just another fun night in wild Cedar Key!

Bill went into Tampa on Saturday to see his mom and for one more training session on the iPhone. They went to a Verizon class Sunday morning and I think Doano is getting more and more comfortable with her phone.
Tina's great little shop!

It was great that the weather finally turned nice as I would only have my bike for transportation while he was gone. Sunday I had a pedicure with the lovely Tina and we had fun reminiscing about Friday night. Afterwards I met my friend, Lonna, for brunch at the Island Room. The weather was stupendous and we had a great table outside overlooking the water. We started with mimosa's and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I met Lonna last winter at my first yoga class in Cedar Key and we became instant friends. We visited her at her lovely home on the lake in Lake Isabella, Michigan, this summer. She was leaving the following Friday and I have no idea when we will see each other again. Afterwards I hung out on the pier with Jay and Mary Ellen enjoying the buzz from my lunch, the sunshine and just chilling with friends.

We had an uneventful week, I got a lot of work done and we slowly started packing up. We met up with the hashers we had met on the beach a few weeks before and shared a few beers. We decided to leave a few days early since I was pretty much done with all of my tax returns and we were getting the "itch" to get on the road.

We had not completely decided if we were going to take the canoe with us on the road. It is pretty big and heavy and we didn't pay much for it but I love it and really wanted to bring it. I had purchased the cross-bars for our factory luggage racks online and some canoe "feet" to go on it. Bill got our friend Jay to help him and the rack worked perfectly. I even helped him take it off and put it back on later, so we're set and she's coming with!

On Saturday we rode our bikes down to the Cedar Key Arts Festival for a quick look around and decided to pack up and get a few hours on the road that afternoon.  We were headed to Nashville, which was about 10+ hours away so knocking a few out in the afternoon made the next two days much easier. Bill had said his goodbyes the night before, so while he went to shower I walked down to the Tiki Bar, to say mine. It was a great winter!


  1. Great Winter is putting it so mildly.

    We miss you already but know the road calls.

    Enjoy your adventure and know you always have a spot here in Cedar Key waiting for you

  2. As non residents we are allowed to stay max 6 months in the US,so RV every summer for 4-5 months and spent winters at home (Israel), we envy you guys (In the winter) but have found our "Balance".
    See you one day down the road.

    1. Danny and Shula - who knows, maybe someday our paths will cross!